Mar 02, 2017

Que pasa

The last 24 hours have been non stop action.

It started yesterday with a happy hour at RV2 hosted by Tris and Merle in honor of her sister and four cousins visiting the Isla for the first time.

There was quite a crowd and again it bears repeating that a good time was had by all.

Lovely sunset from a different vantage point.

This morning there was some fog on our early morning beach walk.  Soon there was mucho fog and we could barely see 12 inches in front of us,  quite the experience.  For a moment or two we thought we might have been in Oregon.

Once back home we noticed how much Carmeh was licking one of  her front paws….also to a lesser extent a back paw.

So we are doing Epsom salt baths and I did send a photo to our Mexican vet and he suggested getting YODO NEGRO TINTURA (BLACK IODINE)  and applying it once per day till it breaks.  We are off to the farmacia yet again tomorrow.

Earlier this afternoon we were involved with some drone flying around the RV parks.

This is what a very serious drone hired to take some promo photos for Tres Amigos RV Park looks like.

Always something fun happening around here.

I was given 5 minutes notice to do a voice promo for the video…….barely enough time to comb my hair but not enough to change out of my “Isla uniform”.   I can’t tell you what I said, only what I should have added but both Colin and King David said that I did a fabulous job.  They thought that I spoke from my heart which is natural when I talk about the Isla.

My very special amiga, Suzanne, who recently spent a week here on the Isla published part 1 of  her posts about her time here.  She is a great writer and an even better photographer or is it the other way around?  Please read her post about Life on the Isla by clicking here.  Gosh when I read it I wanted to come here 😀   Well you will know what I mean when you read it 😆

Carmeh has not had a great day. Can you see her two pink stockings bound with masking tape so that she can’t do any more licking?

She is doing very well and her pancreatitis seems under control. However she is getting a lot of supplements, etc.  The tubes are cremes for a skin infection plus she is now also getting Epsom salt baths.

With the chicken diet we need to give her some extras such as egg shells in the gold shot glass plus a variety of liver support meds including milk thistle.  We are planning to start adding steamed minced fresh green beans tomorrow.  Meal time is not a  quick process as you can see.

Meanwhile back at home the weather is not improving, in fact it is one of the worst winters on record.

For that we reason we have decided to stay here for an additional two weeks and then make a beeline run for Canada.  We will still get home at the same time but instead of touring around the USA we will stay here where we are all happy and can keep enjoying the beach.  Our intention is to keep living life to the fullest each day.

Now don’t you think that that was a full 24 hour day?  Well actually it was 28 hours from when the happy hour started yesterday until I completed this post tonight.




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12 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Marty says:

    Now it’s our turn to doctor our dogs. Chloe has a slipped kneecap that developed severe arthritis and Merlin has developed collapsing trachea. I found the most wonderful supplement for Chloe, boswellia or frankincense, I get chewable tablets from Amazon. It’s pretty much miraculous, I use it for my arthritis, too. Chloe is racing around like a pup. Merlin’s isn’t so good, it’s a progressive disease that causes his trachea to continue to flatten. It’s common in smaller breeds. There is a surgery, but it would be very difficult on an older dog. So we’re working on the symptoms with a steroid/bronchodialator combo. After a couple of weeks he’ll just have the bronchodialator. So we’ll enjoy our furkids while we have them. I hope you can get rid of Carmeh’s infection, poor baby!

    • Contessa says:

      Oh Marty I am so sorry that you are having all these problems with your fur kids. It is not easy but we do what we can to help them for as long as we can.

  2. I cannot believe all the snow BC has had this year, including the island and Okanagan. We are supposed to have more snow Sunday! I think you are smart staying 2 more weeks. I don’t think this is the year to spend a lot of time in the USA based on what is going on there. Hard to stay out of the politic part.

    • Contessa says:

      I only wish that we could stay even longer. So glad that our job allows us to leave for the winter and that for the most part that our client wait for our return.

  3. It is a good idea to stay on the isla longer. This is the worst winter I have ever been through in greater Vancouver. Colin’s work might benefit from a drone…

    • contessa says:

      Colin has hired a drone and here and there as needed this past year but the quality of photography is not the same.

  4. Janet Ashworth says:

    Agree, two weeks more sun and fun just the ticket.
    Less Trump exposure, a good thing! Keep enjoying.

  5. Linda&russell says:

    Glad to hear you’ll be around for a couple more weeks…will be in maz April 1 to June 1. Staying in el Centro. Hope we can meet up. I’ve been following you for so long you seem like family!

    • contessa says:

      I will send you an email Linda but I am not sure that it will work out. We are leaving on the 3rd of April and our last few days are a beehive of activity. However if you could come to the Isla is might work out.

  6. Dolores says:

    Poor little Carmeh, she does not look happy, at all.

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