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Mar 30, 2017

It breaks my heart to share this with you….

Colin and I made the most difficult decision we have ever had to make.  Yesterday, about midday, on our patio, we had the girls put to rest.  Carmeh’s pancreatitis was returning and she was so very very thin and becoming weaker by the day.  Caeli had some sort of internal bowel issue and they both […]


Mar 28, 2017

El Quilete, a soon to be Magic town/Pueblo magico

From trip advisor…. Colin and I have known about this wonderful town for several years.  In fact he plays the song El Quelite and I sing the lyrics.  Here is the song but I think we do it better 😀 For some reason we just have not had time to go visit over the years […]


Mar 27, 2017

Que pasa



Mar 26, 2017

Photos from my Isla garden



Mar 25, 2017

Mazatlan snapshots

These were taken during a few random walks in Centro.  


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