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Feb 18, 2017

Ear wax and chicken!!

It’s just been that kind of day. Thank goodness our travel plans are flexible.  We just might be staying here longer than planned 😀


Feb 17, 2017

Where has our shower water drained to?

A few nights ago I noticed that our tile floor next to the shower was wet.  It was not supposed to be.  Same thing the next evening just after our showers.  So we started to check things out. When did it happen?  No idea.  How long have we been draining our shower water along the […]


Feb 16, 2017

Starting to relax once again

Carmeh is doing much better and almost seems normal to most people.  We see her weaknesses but are so very happy to see her running like the wind once again on the beach.  We still are taking it once day at a time but have started to talk about next winter here on the Isla […]


Feb 15, 2017

A walk through a colorful Mazatlan street

Yesterday we went to the chiropractor.  It appears that we are making progress, finally.   The last few times we have walked from the nearby Playa Sur Embarcadero where his office is located, to the mercardo.  Today we took a different route through Centro to the mercado.  Such a great walk.  We plan to take a […]


Feb 14, 2017

Whirlwind weekend ~ part 2, the best part !!

However they were not just a vocal ensemble but rather a most spectacular a capella group.  They have performed in over fourteen major countries around the world.   I love this genre of music but I have say that they blew me away.  Here is a link to a video taken a year ago of the […]


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