Feb 27, 2017

It was a most illuminating evening

Last Saturday, for the third time ever we chose to attend the carnaval fireworks.  Our venue was the top of the Freeman Hotel.  You must purchase your tickets by the end of November as it will likely be sold out by then.  Last year one enterprising individual bought out the entire floor, presumably for his friends.

We like to start the evening with a walk along Olas Altas.  So much activity and energy.

Hard to believe that they sell beer in such large containers. Love the band stand right above the Pacifico store.

Hello to you too.  Note the Pacifico beer to the right.

There are a few hotel rooms with a great view but you do have to book for a minimum of four nights.  These folks got right into the spirit of Carnival.

So very many band stands being set up. The music goes till at least 4AM each night of Carnival.

Look way up….we are watching the fireworks from up top there.  Great view, can’t be beat.

Look who got some new earrings.

I had to walk for a long time to find this mini mask on a chain. Just perfect for me.  One can’t wear a Carnaval mask if you wear spectacles.

Most of the music only starts after the fireworks are over.  In fact we saw larger line ups getting into the area as we were leaving.  It was nice to see and hear this band in action.

These three girls with their flashing crowns were a delight to watch as they danced around and around.

We saw a few kids with these flashing running shoe soles. Very vivid indeed.  I wonder if this is how the shoes are sold of if they are an add on?

One part of this evening is the burning of the Bad Humor. Last year it was Trump and this year it was he and his wall.

Finally we went up to the rooftop where we saw the huge crowds that we had just been a part of.

Hundreds of thousands attended the event.

So many in such a tight space yet everyone was polite and happy and respectful if they bumped into you.

Over the years Colin has taken photos of the incredible fireworks.  This year we chose to just sit and become one with the beauty of the event.  As we were so high up it seemed that the various fireworks were bursting over our heads and showering down around us. Truly incredible.  However I urge you to click here to see some of the most spectacular shots of the night.  Some I did not see even from my vantage point up in the sky.  Fabulous photography and here is the link to the rest of the post on the fireworks and some other wonderful shots.

I truly enjoyed our enchanted evening.

That included our long walk back to the embarcadero as there was no transportation to be had.  Instead we walked along the roads with hundreds of others with our hearts lightened by the magic of what we had just been a part of.



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4 Responses to “It was a most illuminating evening”

  1. lucy says:

    Flashing shoes have been around since the 1990’s, they come with ‘ the lights ‘ from the manufacturers, they usually are intended for kids, however adults with small feet are able to easily wear them.


  2. George Yates says:

    That is truly an amazing event, sure glad that we were able to experience if it was only once.

  3. A wonderful show of light, happy Carnaval.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Wow, what a magical night. So beautiful and festive!

    I wonder how many people get the “esteemed honor” of being the object of the burning of Bad Humor two years in a row?

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