Feb 15, 2017

A walk through a colorful Mazatlan street

Yesterday we went to the chiropractor.  It appears that we are making progress, finally.   The last few times we have walked from the nearby Playa Sur Embarcadero where his office is located, to the mercardo.  Today we took a different route through Centro to the mercado.  Such a great walk.  We plan to take a new route each week.

As we walked away from the Mazatlan side of the embarcadero I noticed how all these boats are tied one to the other.  How does one get from the shore to the third boat out?

Just outside our chiro’s gate, across the street, we saw this fellow walking one very large dog and two very tiny dogs.  There is a small white Chihuahua to the right of the black one.  Quite the combination.

Love the colors.

So many ups and down in the Mazatlan sidewalk system.  I certainly could not wear heels like these.

Anyone looking for the perfect fixer upper?

This old relic is best just admired.  But what stories would this home tell?

A few blocks further, I saw this fan palm which looked so much like mine on the Isla, except that this one fanned out at the top of a long trunk.  Mine fans out from the ground up.

No idea where these stairs lead to, they are behind a locked grilled gate.  How I wish that I could have climbed this stairway to the unknown.

What lies behind this wonderful geometric gate?  What inspired the design?  So very beautiful.

We took a slight detour to the Plaza de la Republica as I wanted to see the two Carnaval monigotes.  As I walked through the pigeons I got some flight action.

Colin pointed out this pulmonia to me.  I wonder if the vendor leaves it set up overnight or drives his business home every night?

Nice to see a bit of Carnaval right in Centro.

Love the colors.

From the Plaza we moved on to the mercardo where we made a few purchases and headed back to the Isla.

We hadn’t been back very long when Eric, our RV tech showed up to do some repairs. This was the second spring he was putting into the toilet pedal. The first one appeared to be faulty. All is well now.

We have a long list of things to get done before we head North. One of them was applying new sealing rubber under the bed platform. This is what keeps the dust from the road and the engine floating into the bedroom as we travel.

We are hoping to get fitted leather sleeves made for our driving chair arms.  Eric took one arm with him and we will see what he comes up with.  We are also getting the windshield wipers powder coated black as eventually the paint flakes off and they rust.  This will be an inexpensive permanent fix.  While Eric did his thing I was in the kitchen cooking up 10 days worth of chicken and some more sweet potato.  By the time the chicken was weighed into 2 day meal packages and the kitchen cleaned, Eric was ready to call it a day.  I was ready to call it a day, I had been in the kitchen for 4 hours 😯 .  By the way Carmeh continues to do well on her new food.

We received this bottle as a gift and thought that yesterday, Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to open it. The cupid and arrow say it all.

A cute wee story on the back.  We must check out Dirty Laundry when we get back to Kelowna.  Thank you Ruthie & Patrick.

A colorful end to a most colorful day.


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7 Responses to “A walk through a colorful Mazatlan street”

  1. Your pictures of Mazatlan old town homes is exactly why I love it…..not sure hubby shares my love of it but I would love one of those old fixer uppers. Enjoy your wine!

  2. rae says:

    The few times I was in that area late at night, the raspado guy was working. I suspect his pulmonía doesn’t move as it’s always in the same place, but good question. Wish I’d thought to ask him!

    Thanks for the lovely pictures of your stroll. Such memories!

    The wine name is hilarious.

    So happy to know Carmeh is doing well.

  3. A nice day being creative both in town and in the kitchen. The wine is well deserved.

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