Feb 14, 2017

Whirlwind weekend ~ part 2, the best part !!

Is that a birthday cake?

Yes it is! This whirlwind weekend visit was a gift from Chris to Juan whose actual birthday is the 23rd of the month.

Happy birthday dear Juan. May the year ahead be as special as you are.

…and so the party continued.

Never a dull moment at a fiesta at our place.

Juan & Colin are lighting the floating sky lantern, one of Juan’s favorite things to do here on the Isla.  We only have three lanterns left, one for each subsequent visit.  They aren’t good for the environment so we aren’t going to get anymore.  The lights above the lantern are a ship way out on the horizon.

Some left at that point but the party kept on going until their were only six of us.  Colin played a bit and the rest of us conversed.  I think it was well after 10:30PM before we all said adios.  For certain it was after midnight before we got to bed.  Yet another fun party here at our Isla home.

Midday Sunday found us at the Plazuela Machado checking out one of the Carnaval monigotes of which there are 11 in total this year.

Next stop was the Sunday symphony at the Teatro Angela Peralta which featured Voz en Punto, a Mexican vocal ensemble.

However they were not just a vocal ensemble but rather a most spectacular a capella group.  They have performed in over fourteen major countries around the world.   I love this genre of music but I have say that they blew me away.  Here is a link to a video taken a year ago of the first song they sang, El Viajero

The group was brilliant. They used their voices to create the sounds of instruments and they were also very  dramatically talented.  This photo depicts the song Copitas de Mezcal…..a drinking song.  So very well done.  They also performed two of my favorites, Besame Mucho and In the Mood.  What a great show.

From there we headed to a late lunch/early dinner at La Bohemia at the Plazuela Machado.  The drinks were great and the food even better.

As we enjoyed our beverages, the members of the Voz en Punto ( voice on point ) strolled past us towards another restaurant for their meal.  The patrons in the restaurants along their path broke out in spontaneous applause in yet another thank you for such a spectacular performance.  We were so happy to be a part of that appreciation.  Such a perfect Sunday afternoon.

As we crossed the shipping channel back to the Isla, we saw how busy it was, a smaller cruise ship berthed between a freighter and an immense car carrier.

This sunset shows how far the sun has traveled towards the NW in these last months before setting.

Fisherman out on the ocean watching the puesta del sol.

A few visitors in our bay for the evening.

Sadly this moment had to come.

Adios dear friends.  Hasta luego.

Now that was a whirlwind weekend 😀



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3 Responses to “Whirlwind weekend ~ part 2, the best part !!”

  1. chris says:

    A great time had by all.

  2. George Yates says:

    What a fun time with friends.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Wow, I’m breathless just from reading! A whirlwind is right! You sure know how to celebrate a birthday. Looks like you helped make it a memorable stay for Chris and Juan…

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