Feb 13, 2017

It was a whirlwind weekend

Our good friends Juan & Chris who live in Monterrey, Mexico flew down to Mazatlan for four nights of rest, relaxation and fun 😎  Most of my readers know that our friendship goes back many years and that the fellows have RVed here to the Isla for the last two Christmases so this makes it their third visit in three years.

Last Thursday was our first cocktail hour.

……followed by the first sunset of their visit. We next walked down the road to Miguels for dinner. Sorry no photos as we were having too much of a good time catching up on various life events.

I can’t remember what happened Friday day but it included visits here and there and beach walks and just a whole lot of relaxation.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, El Velero on Friday nights has become the place to be.  Jazz night.  Yet another great place to meet other RVers and friends who live on the Isla and to catch up on the que pasa of it all.

This beach dog was having a good time rubbing her back against the chair in time to the music.

It was rather comical.

The two resident ducks just had to show off for the guys. Waddle, waddle.

Not sure what happened to Saturday, I think that the fellows went into Mazatlan for a while.

Our Saturday happy hour started out with some offshore visitors.

We were twenty for dinner and a few more for the happy hour.

Yes I know the photos are not clear and guess what, I wasn’t taking them.  While still in Palm Springs in November it became apparent that my beloved Canon SX280HS developed a scratch on the lenses, likely due to the repeated opening and closing of the shutter.  I do take tons of photos.  We only had a few hours to make a decision on a new camera re 24 hour shipping and ordered the new replacement camera, a Canon SX600HS, which had great reviews.  Sadly it is not a good low light camera.  I am looking for a new camera once we get back home.

It was a pot luck dinner and we had five salads, two quinoa, a mango, an avocado/tomato and my Caesar salad.

Lots of veggies, ham. chicken wings, a vegetarian  enchilada casserole,  etc.  I know, lots of food and people photos but these are also serving as a record for my friends visit.

We had three kinds of scalloped potatoes, including dairy and gluten free and a triple recipe of homemade beans which I think were great even though I made them myself 🙂  All of the food was very tasty.  It was a great potluck dinner and our Isla vegan friends found much to fill their plates and stomachs with.

Juan and Chris were the first through the buffet.

After the meal we all relaxed around the fire.

It was a very relaxing evening centering around a good deal of conversation.  Many newcomers to the evening and much getting to know all about you.

…to be continued 😆



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4 Responses to “It was a whirlwind weekend”

  1. Happy to see you with your friends Juan and Chris! Looks like a good time was had by all

  2. Wow! An awesome get together, what a party! It’s nice when everyone pithches in, the buffet looks amazing.

  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Funny that you should mention that your Canon SX280HS has a scratch on the lens. We bought the same camera at about the same time and I have had the same problem. There are a couple of good size scratches on my lens as well which I try to hide in sunny light situations. I would guess that there is a defect in the lens cover opening and closing which scratched the lens and it is not your fault or mine either. I had blamed myself but I would guess that it is a camera defect. Not sure what my next plan is.

  4. Deborah S. says:

    If you have an Android phone, try the free “Open Camera” app. It allows you to make many of the adjustments possible with a good point & shoot. No optical zoom though. ?

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