Feb 11, 2017

Special jazz night

This past Tuesday was a wonderful evening out for us.  A special performer was in town and an event was planned.  It actually occurred over 4 nights and we were fortunate enough to get there the first evening.  The venue was La Bohemia on the Plazeula Machado, yet another old home with an open air ceiling made into a restaurant.

Next to Colin was Janice and Terry, our chiropractor here in Mazatlan, along with our RV neighbors and blog readers Patrick and Ruthie.

It only holds a small crowd but it was a lovely venue for the evening.

Johnny O was in town from Colorado and our friend Kevin arranged for a few magical musical evenings.

Our good friend Kevin.

The crowd was really into the music.

One of the small architectural details in the restaurant.  It is a niche in the wall with the plaster revealing the brick underneath.

Johnny O front and centre.  Each of his four performances were sold out.  I would have gladly paid to see him a second time.

I was a most remarkable evening, so glad we were able to attend.


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  1. George Yates says:

    Another fun event that enjoyed with friends.

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