Feb 08, 2017

Trying to deal with things

Carmeh is fine, she is actually the best she has been since mid December which is when her pancreatic attack started, all because of a bird dropping a french fry.  So fingers crossed that she will keep getting stronger and healthier day by day.

I meanwhile have been presented with a family related challenge which I am trying to deal with.  That has taken up the last few days.  Colin and I have been going over details and attempting to chose the best direction we need to go.  A decision is imminent and I am coming to terms with my potential decision.  Once that is decided then I can get back to enjoying our final 5 – 6 weeks here on the Isla.

So dear readers, don’t worry as all is well here with the C’s.  In fact we have even been having some fun times over the last while and we have visitors arriving tomorrow.  I am so far behind in my posts that if I can find an extra few hours here and there I will do more that one post per day. Be sure that you don’t miss any.  I now resume with last Friday……..

It was a beautiful morning as we headed over to Playa Sur to visit our chiro guy.

Lots of action in the shipping channel.  A Mexican navel vessel, P208 was heading out to open waters just as the Iguana tourist boat was coming up to its stern.  The small lancha in the foreground it the boat we took across.

A Holland America cruise ship was in dock as well as a tuna boat.

But they were the width of the shipping channel apart.

Not only are the cruise ships docking more this season so are the freighters.

Some more colorful than others. I would love to know where they came from and what was their cargo and most of all where were they heading next.  The shrimp boat on the left is coming into port but has been stopped for inspection.  The haze in the background comes from the electrical plant I told you about the other day.

We made a quick stop at the mercado and on the way back the fog was coming in.  About two minutes earlier you could see El Faro, the lighthouse, it was between these Baja ferries, now completely obscured.

The world was now grey and it was noticeably cooler.

Back home on the Isla we had some more garden work done. On our way back from the vet earlier in the week we ( Colin ) purchased a second a second papaya tree.  The first one which is on the right has a weak stem at the very bottom, you can see the black area.  So Colin wanted to get another established before we left so that we would have our own papayas to eat next season.  Now we have two and my back garden is getting pretty full.  He keeps telling me that one day the trees will be tall and I will able to walk under them.

It just so happens that the new tree actually has some papaya fruit growing.  Today we discovered that tree #1 also now has fruit growing.

I also had Ishmael take out a few plants and replace them with two bougainvillea and a desert rose.  Hopefully they will have filled in by next November when we return.

Last winter, Colin made this hanging thing to keep our fruit on.  The only critters that can get there are the birds and as they like bananas we keep those in the house.  Here you see oranges, a very sweet pineapple, a watermelon, an onion and at the very back a papaya.  We love shopping at the mercado although we do have a veggie truck that comes through here most days.

The cruise ship headed out just prior to sunset.

What can I say but how fortunate we are to be here.

So ended our Friday. An interesting day in contrasts.  The lights on El Faro are lighting the hiking path on the mountain.  I had mentioned a few months ago that the lights had almost all been broken, replaced by expats and broken yet again by vandals.  Looks like someone has replaced them yet again.  They do look lovely.



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8 Responses to “Trying to deal with things”

  1. RJ says:

    If you want to know about the ships you are seeing, here is a web site that tracks ships:


    Clicking on a ship icon will give you details about the ship, where it’s coming from, where it’s going, etc


    • contessa says:

      Thanks for reading my blog and welcome to the comment section. Thanks so much for the link. I am going to have a lot of fun with that.

  2. George Yates says:

    Always busy there and enjoying the isla, but time is winding down only 8 more weeks for us before we get back home….

  3. Glad to read that all is well on the isla. The Vancouver Sun newspaper has a column every day stating which ships are in port as well as their cargo etc. Maybe the Mazatlán local rag has some thing similar. However, the link shared by RJ will be much easier. Enjoy the weather! The Okanagan is in for a beating…

  4. Glad your fur babies are doing ok. Not sure if you have heard of the massive amounts of snow back in Kelowna too (I am pretty sure you have) but BC was just hit with yet another storm. We have 3 feet of snow – worst winter every here. We are getting icerain/snow pellets right now. The CFB Comox shut down except their firemen and policemen. All schools are shut here on the island. CRAZY I tell you. I hope things get sorted with your family. It’s always something, isn’t it?

    • Contessa says:

      Yes there is always something and today it is yet a different problem with Carmeh. Off to the vet Sunday. I have been reading about the crazy Canadian winter.

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