Feb 02, 2017

A visit to the vet

A few days ago, this past Monday, we took the girls into our Mexican vet to have their anal glands dealt with.  Colin and I decided that we would  also have Carmeh’s blood work done as well as a stool sample.  In the back of our minds we were hoping that she might just have an infection that could be dealt with by taking antibiotics.

On the road between Estrella Del Mar and the highway we noticed this pollution.

We have noticed it from time to time as we walk the beach.  The pollution is coming form the thermo electric plant in Mazatlan.

The plant was to switch from burning oil to natural gas and should have been running on gas effective last December.  Click here for an article re the pipeline.  Mazatlan is sometimes covered in soot balls.  Way back in 2009 and likely even earlier people were complaining and trying to bring about change.

We can only hope that the change to natural gas will happen very very soon.

The vet wanted to muzzle Carmeh to take the blood. This one was obviously too large. So much stress for poor Carmeh.

At home we often hold her for the blood taking but not here, they shut the door so we could not see but we found a tiny window to watch what was happening.  Sadly they shaved her paw to get to the vein.  Poor baby.

Yet another lovely sunset last Monday.

…complete with a Princess cruise ship.

Caeli only has 3 toys that she plays with and her favorite is this  plastic garden sprinkler.

We received the blood work results early Tuesday.  I had to translate them into English before sending them to our vet back in Canada.  A few hours later I spoke with Dr. Susan and of course she confirmed what I already knew.  Carmeh has chronic pancreatitis and her liver is not in very good shape. There is not much we can do to help her liver that won’t adversely affect her pancreas.  The pills I had brought in last  week, the Denosyl, that she won’t take is about all that might help her.  We have totally pulverized that 1/2 pill and I am giving her 2 -3 pinches mixed in her food each meal which is about the maximum that I can sneak in before she refuses to eat.  So a daily dose takes 3 -4 days to get into her system.  I guess that is better than nothing.  I suspect that all the years of medications for her back issues have contributed to the liver issues.  So we are making a few changes to her diet.

First off we have switched the rice to sweet potatoes which she loves. We are also adding 1/8 teaspoon of pulverized egg shell to her supper meal.

The boiled then mashed sweet potatoes along with the powdered Denosyl.

The real hard part is the 125mg of Metronidazole that I need to force down her throat twice per day for 10 days.  Our vet hopes that this will help heal the pancreas.  The pill is 5 times the size of the Pepcid that I am still giving her twice per day.  However the Metronidazole smells and tastes bitter.  The first time I gave it to her I could see the panic in her eyes as she tried to swallow.  I now give her two low fat treats afterwards and give her lots of praise and cuddles.  Only 9 more doses to go :((

The good news is that she appears to be enjoying her food and that she no longer has gut gurgles and does not appear to be in pain.

She also had a great day on the beach and almost ran like the wind.

Caeli has been so very tolerant with all the attention that Carmeh is getting and just sits back and observes.  I owe her tons of extra love and cuddles.  Many hours of each day revolve around Carmeh’s needs and food issues but when we see her run on the beach it is worth every moment.

Not a great photo but you get the idea. Love to see her paws in the air and her ears flapping.

Now off to force yet another pill down her throat and then an hour later later yet another pill.  We are seeing an improvement in the past 10 -14 days.  Carmeh may fool us all and be here for a few more years to come 😀



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8 Responses to “A visit to the vet”

  1. Glad to see Carmeh back on the beach. Funny, Buddy loves dried sweet potato chews, his very favorite treat. I bet you would rather see her eat something she likes than the tough diet she has been on to date. Much easier for her to take her medicine with. One day at a time 🙂

  2. Janet Ashworth says:

    Hope the food and meds work, nothing worse than having an ill pet.
    Loved the sunset photos, Mother Nature at her best!

  3. Gail Todd says:

    You can try metronidazole in a liquid-the farmacia carries it. Also metronidazole benzoate is a form I have used on cats as it’s tasteless. I have to have it compounded here in the U.S. Check it out with your vet.

    • Contessa says:

      Thanks for the idea. I was able to get the liquid today but is tastes HORRID. I just put it on the tip of my tongue and over an hour later I still taste it. She took the liquid, 5ML, but hated it.

  4. Hope fully Carmeh will do better with the sweet potato than the rice. I suspect that sweet potato is easier to digest and it will mask the scent and taste of the meds better. She sure looks happy on the beach.

    Right now it’s snowing like crazy both in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island… 🙁

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