Jan 11, 2017

Life is full of contrasts

This photo is of our home in Kelowna, taken today when the temperature was -24C/-11.2F and with the windchill that made it -31C/-23.8F.  In a word COLD.  Thanks to our neighbor and friend Rosalie who took the photo.

Much as we love our summer home we especially love our winter home here on the Isla in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Here in January we are dealing with cooler temperatures on average of 27C/80.6F not to mention the golden sunsets each evening.

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4 Responses to “Life is full of contrasts”

  1. George Yates says:

    further south is much nicer in the winter.

  2. Ann says:

    we are going to plaza machado sunday night with our friend mark who also reads your blog.

  3. Even here on the Island it has gotten as cold as -10 this winter and we have had about 6 more snow falls than normal. Right now it is -5 degrees. Coldest/snowiest winter since we moved here. I am ready for Spring! Even the snow geese that migrate here from the Arctic are thinking of going further south lol

  4. Cat says:

    Beautiful picture of your home, even with all that snow. 🙂

    We are in a bit of a contrast here too. It was almost 65F on Wednesday, and now we are supposed to be having an ice storm for the next 3 days.

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