Jan 10, 2017

Stealth camping on the Isla

I had noticed this mother and son mainly because on their first day they were wearing matching T shirts.  They spent the day on the beach and every now and they they would take the ATV up and down the beach.  But they mostly spent the day out of the sun under their umbrella just enjoying the beach.

During the holiday season the Marines patrol the beach.

One of my new blooms.

I began to notice the mother and son on the beach each morning.   After a few days I mentioned them to other RVers.  It seems that I am behind the times.  Everyone knew that they were camping on the road right beside our RV site.  It is obvious that I don’t get out much much.  Well not true as we walk the beach each day but don’t head out to the back of the RV park often.

The moisture on the flower and leaves is from our high humidity.

The Mom and son had their pickup truck parked on the road just outside the RV park down the road to the beach.  The green tarp is over a tent set up on the back of the truck.  Those bougainvillea to the middle left of the photo are from my garden.  Nice to see my flowers flowing over to the road to the beach.

The mother and son camped on the road to the beach for four nights that I was aware of.  They were quiet and it was apparent that they were here for the beach and nature.  We never heard any noise from them.  Suddenly they appeared about 9AM each morning and were gone at sunset.  Then last Saturday about 4PM they were gone for good.  The license plate read Durango.

I can only hope that the son will have wonderful memories of the time his Mom took to bring him here to the beach here on the Isla over the holidays for four nights.  I will never forget it.  She would dress every day to the nines including a boardroom executive pink pantsuit complete with matching sun hat and shoes and sit under their umbrella as the son played or walked the beach.  On very few occasions she would mount the ATV behind him and go for a ride but they were ever so quiet compared to the other ATV’s  on the beach.  I wish that I had taken more photos but honestly it was my privilege to observe them simply enjoying the Isla day after day.  I so enjoyed their visit here to the Isla.


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  1. chris says:

    Now that’s a story with a twist!

  2. Upriverdavid says:

    It would have been interesting if you were able to talk with them and find out their story…In a friendly non-snoopy way….
    -0*- up close to your summer home…..

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