Jan 02, 2017

Past, present and visitors

Not a good day today for the girls.  Somehow Caeli has picked up a raging fungal ear infection, her fourth in four years.  She never complains although she must be in pain.  Also a bad day for Carmeh who is not eating and is shaking and wanting to be held.  She is in pain and I figure it must be her pancreas acting up.  So hard to be helpless with these pups.  So glad that I have never been a parent to a child as I can’t imagine what a parent goes through.  Well not quite true, having been a registered nurse in my past was enough to stop me from wanting children.  Bad enough with our fur girls.

Last year as in Friday, Dec 30th we headed into town to pick up more symphony tickets for us and friends arriving next week. We also wanted to stock up on some fresh pineapple, papaya and other fruits.  The Sirena, an Oceania Cruise ship was in port.  It only holds a maximum of 803 passengers.  It was on it’s way to LA.  From there it will pick up new passengers and head to Tahiti.  Sounds like a plan for the future.

Mazatlan has 400 shrimp boats and they were in port over the holidays.

This is an excerpt from an article posted on The Mazatlan Messenger on December 23rd.

Ricardo Luna head of the Pacific workers union reports that shrimp fishing is becoming less profitable because of higher costs, lowered catches, and bureaucratic barriers.

He said that many of the 400 shrimp boats that are taking a holiday break will not be back again to continue fishing for the rest of the season.

They have been affected by the cost of fuel which has risen by more than 10 pesos per liter and also by the Environment protection decree that prohibits fishing near Cedro Island, now designated a protected area.

He also mention that security at sea is not guaranteed, and during the year 6 ships were attacked.

So neat that each time we take the panga/laucha from the Isla to Mazatlan we get this view.  Not so great that fresh shrimp will be more difficult to find.

Once we purchased our tickets just off the Plazuela Machado we decided to stop there for a very late breakfast.

We actually observed this duo get out of a pulmonia and then set up.  This fellow was doing a ceremonial dance by blowing into the conch shell in each direction as well as up to the sky and down to the earth.  I wish I knew more about the dance.  I have to say that I have never ever heard a conch shell sound like that.  Rather thrilling.

Such an interesting performance but so frustrating to not understand the purpose and meaning of it all.  Regardless it was a fascinating  and unexpected bonus to our day.

Today we were treated to some very memorable visitors.  Dave and Sharon dropped by to say hello, they are in Mazatlan for three weeks.  We met them eight years ago here on the Isla.  It was our first time here at Tres Amigos RV Park and we were in the same row, us at one end and they at the other end.  It was in fact the busiest year to date here at the RV Park.  We spent several happy hours together.  Sharon has been one of my blog readers from day 1.  So glad you and your family took the time to stop by.  You were my very first special visitors in 2017.  Sharon you do look fabulous.

The second sunset of the year.

I just happened to turn around and snapped this photo.

2017 appears to be a dramatic year to date.

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5 Responses to “Past, present and visitors”

  1. George Yates says:

    We first met them on the Isla as well in 2009, we were parked between you two couple. Its been a few years since we saw Dave and Sharon, last time was their place in Yuma.

  2. chris says:

    Not being snarky, I wonder what attacked means? How is the shrimp catch? I don’t know if I ever told you but my brother is an expert in shrimp gleaning, reproduction, fishing and farming. He says that catches are down all around the continent.

    Sorry to hear about the girls. Kids all have their days. I could go for some shrimp right about now, especially a shrimp burger 🙂

    • Contessa says:

      Attached as in pirates…..to steal their catch,etc.

      A new RVer, went to Tony’s on our recommendation and had the shrimp tacos. He said that they were even better than on the Baja. Guess what I will be ordering next time we hit the mercado?

  3. Sandie says:

    So sorry about their girls. I know how hard it is when they don’t feel good and you feel so helpless.

  4. Sandie says:

    So sorry about the girls. I know how hard it is when they don’t feel good and you feel so helpless.

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