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Dec 17, 2017

There has been a change to our paradise.

We managed to get over the cold snap last week but then we had a few days of drizzles and then a day of heavy rain.  The forecast is on again/off again with a rain/shower forecast for the week ahead. Perhaps paradise is back 😀  


Dec 16, 2017

Virgin de Gualadupe bonus day in Mazatlan

Umm sorry to say but this is a long post……but I think it is worth your time. December 12th is a big celebration in Mexico.  It is the celebration of the Virgin de Guadalupe.  It is easy to Google the details which go back to 1531 but here is just a tidbit. It is a […]


Dec 15, 2017

Taking part of the day off

Had a 90 minute massage today followed by a long walk along the beach.  Started a good book mid afternoon along with a glass of wonderful Pinot Grigio.  I hope to finish that book by bedtime as I enjoy more of that Pinot.  My French Christmas songs are playing in the background.  Life is good.


Dec 14, 2017

Invasion of the weird


Dec 14, 2017

A relaxing Monday

We had a great beach walk in the morning and then toured France and Claude around the Isla in the afternoon.  Colin then played for a few hours while I read.   I will likely do a second post later today or two tomorrow so be sure to check back.  For those who are new […]


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