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Mar 23, 2017

Unexpected crazy Sunday at the beach

…or I could have titled this post, chicken day 🙄 This is the first time in eight years that we have seen so many vehicles on the beach at one time.  It wasn’t an organized event in that people seemed to just arrive and park and enjoy the day. I do suspect that the Jeeps […]


Mar 22, 2017

Hair day

Colin has asked me to thank you for your comments on his post and to let you know that he is still alive and wanting to take more photos next time he is in Culican 😯   I can’t believe that I haven’t had a post up since he posted about the narco cemetery.  Last […]


Mar 19, 2017

Jardines Del Humaya, Narco Cemetery, Culiacan

Guest Post by Colin Recently I visited Culiacan and had the opportunity to visit the Narco Cemetery.  This is a private burial area established in 1969 by the Narcos for the remembrance of their cartel leaders, their members, and their families. When you enter the cemetery it resembles a cemetery. There are the regular plots […]


Mar 18, 2017

We celebrated yesterday



Mar 17, 2017

Tooting my own horn

You may remember that last week I was asked to speak about Tres Amigos RV Park for a drone video that King David was doing as a promo for the park.  I got about 2 minutes notice and then suddenly I was on camera. This is the raw video footage that was shot.  I think […]


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