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Nov 22, 2016

Tres Amigos Special Promotion…..

At the moment there are no time restraints on this promotion.  King David, the owner of Tres Amigos RV Park is offering a monthly stay for $350.00 USD plus electric  in any row other than the ocean front row, in either Park 1 or Park 2. Front row is $30.00/35.00 US per night. At the […]


Nov 21, 2016

Trying for a balance of rest and work

Work seems to be winning but we do start each day with a beach walk.  Because of the heat we are walking at 7AM.  It is taking longer to acclimatize this season.  However it seems that everyone is having the same issue.  Also we can only work so long before needing to stop and take […]


Nov 20, 2016

That first day was a long one

Needless to say that our overnite sleep at the Pemex was not good, what with the semis coming and going, the sounds, the smell of the exhaust and just the heat in general. None of us in the three RV’s slept well except maybe the girls.  We were all glad to get back on the […]


Nov 18, 2016

We have arrived

We reached our site here on the Isla about noonish today and haven’t stopped.  Some RV tech stuff involved before pulling into our site.  All is well but we are both tired and I am beyond that with exhaustion. It has been abnormally warm these past weeks and we are told that we brought the […]


Nov 17, 2016

A long day on busy roads

Hard to believe that we are almost home. No more protests at Vicam and also no more bird sellers.  Things are changing.  Overall the roads are great and when they aren’t  they really aren’t so bad. We pulled into Pemex 3970 @ KM 75 just before Culiacan.  We found this place last year and I […]


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