Nov 24, 2016

You know I’m tired….

~ when I wait till the end of the day to wish my American friends and readers ” A Very Happy Thanksgiving”.  I sincerely hope that you all had a great day.

~ when I decide that I am too tired to go out to dinner tonight to one of my favorite places.  I would rather make dinner in the RV.

An unexpected guest this evening. He was the size of my hand.

An unexpected guest this evening.  Colin found him on our newly put out carpet. He was the size of my hand.

~ when I fell asleep at the computer writing my  previous post.

~ when I have accepted that 83F and 65% humidity is normal and don’t turn on the A/C.

Linda & Kevin, it is safe to return to your home om the Isla.

Linda & Kevin, it is safe to return to your home on the Isla.

~ when I have 143 emails to open and deal with.

~ when I decide that a few pieces of fruit at 11:55AM are adequate for breakfast.

Basically the last 48 hours have been loco.  We aren’t over the top but pretty close but at the same time being very happy that we are almost set up.  Some people like to take 2 -3 weeks to set to get organized.  We prefer to do it as soon as possible so that we can just stop and take the entire day off and do as we wish.  Yes we do a big set up but that is our preference.  We like it to look nice and I really enjoy my garden here as other than doing pots at home, this is it, the garden that I enjoy.  Here I have been trimming my jungle of bougainvillea and got 11 plants replaced and planted today.  Lots of work but at the same time so very satisfying to get our winter home setup to what we really like.  I seem to have more energy and strength as I, as well as Colin, push ourselves just a tad further.

We did sit and watch the sunset this evening and marveled at what we had accomplished.  We figure two more days and we will be done and can then just enjoy each day to the fullest for the next four months.  Then my book reading and his guitar playing will begin.

Colin and Caeli waiting for sunset. The girls got a bath today and were enjoyuing the heat of the late afternoon to dry out.

Colin and Caeli waiting for sunset. The girls got a bath today and were enjoying the heat of the late afternoon to dry out.

The color is growing on us.

Yes that is a new canvas top to our gazebo. The color is growing on us.  We had ordered it in 2013 for our previous gazebo but it got lost out to sea during a storm. So we had an extra top which worked out yesterday as the  gazebo roof split as we set it up.  We will for certain need a new 10 x 10 gazebo structure next year as certain parts have totally rusted through.

The Amreican thank

The American Thanksgiving sunset from the Isla.  I do hope that all my American readers had a wonderful celebration today.

Thank you all for your comments and emails as that is what keeps me going.  I do have many more photos from the past few days to share with you, even a surprise or two.


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8 Responses to “You know I’m tired….”

  1. George Yates says:

    Glad that we set up in a hour and keep moving about, but then again thats what we enjoy.
    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving right here in the desert.
    Now your need to take some time to relax.

  2. Sandy Matts says:

    A wonderful surprise Thanksgiving dinner for us. When we arrived this evening at the RV Park in Rincon a couple came by and asked for two plates so they could bring us Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, ham and all the trimmings. It was a wonderful treat for us as we had a 10 hour drive today. We celebrated with our family in October and did not expect a Thanksgiving Dinner today.

  3. I understand why you make your yard beautiful, part of the joy of living their part-time is all the plants and the view. It is looking great!

  4. Glad that most of the set up is done and that you can soon relax and just enjoy life! Love the sunsets there.


  5. Suzanne says:

    “Thanks” for the Thanksgiving wishes! You certainly are making it look inviting! I will be interested to hear if the red top changes the ambient light of the sunsets…please send more sunset photos…for research purposes, of course. 😉

  6. chris says:

    Fruit is good! The food on the Isla and in Mazatlan is killer, both in taste and waistline.

  7. Ann says:

    We are now in Mazatlan, got here yesterday. Went out for ribs then drove around town. Beach Burger is still open and Roberto is back working there. Sunday night Rafael will be playing and singing in the gazebo.

  8. Connie in PA says:

    You two are like us – ONLY in different seasons. We enjoy summer at our DE beach cottage – ocean fishing, kayaking, crabbing, our flower garden, family visits. We like winter at home – hunting, enjoying our family/cabin get togethers, grandkid’s athletic events. My daughter, youngest granddaughter, & I are spending Thanksgiving vacation at Disney in Florida. Your place always looks so inviting & relaxing! Love the sunsets!! Enjoy – know you do!!!

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