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Sep 21, 2016

Unplanned time at the vet today

Carmeh has done well the last 1.5 days but this morning shortly after Colin left at 7AM she was out eating grass.  She refused food, special treats or water, she only wanted grass.  Loud sounds emanated from her tummy.  It was obvious that she was in pain.  She could not lie down nor stay still, […]


Sep 17, 2016

Taking it one day at a time

Everyday I have an idea of what I want to accomplish but it seems that everyday something crops up that takes several hours of my day.  Not major issues but time consuming.  I am running out of time and we leave six weeks today.  The weather has changed for the worse, dark grey sky and […]


Sep 14, 2016

Ballroom dancing is back….

…well for us at least, as well as Latin.  Colin and I used to dance a lot way back when before I had my accident.  Even before then I had started to have hip problems which limited my ability to dance.  It wasn’t unusual to see Colin jump jiving with three female partners, one after […]


Sep 09, 2016

Que Pasa

Just thought I would let you know that we are still here and doing fine.  Well except for Carmeh, she has had a few bad days.  It really seems to be related to Colin being away.  We just have to get through the next seven weeks and she will be with Colin till the end […]


Sep 02, 2016

Unsettled day…

..we had such a day within the last week.  I no longer am precise on the dates and times, suffice to say that it happened last week or so. White caps on the lake, as we had today as well, with even stronger winds @ 59km/h.  Certainly not a time to sit out and enjoy […]


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