Sep 23, 2016

We now know what is wrong and it isn’t good

Colin was out on a job when I got a call early yesterday ( Thursday ) morning from the vet.  Bottom line Carmeh has pancreatitis and I needed to bring her in ASAP to start an IV on her to push fluids.  She would need to stay overnight and continue the IV treatment until the end of today when she would be reassessed.  What a shock.  As they are not a 24 hour vet I was told that they would transfer her to another clinic for the night unless we felt we could handle her.

So I rushed her out the door.  She had been very ill last Thursday and Friday and again on Wednesday which is why I brought her in for tests.  Yesterday morning she appeared normal and pain free and was wagging her tail.  Sadly if she did not have treatment she likely would have increasingly painful bouts until she had a possible fatal episode.  You can Google pancreatitis in dogs if you want the details.

I got there in record time but we had at least a 20 minute wait before they started her IV. She wanted out of there and was even pawing at the door to be let out. I wish I had

I got there in record time but we had at least a 20 minute wait before they started her IV. She wanted out of there and was even pawing at the door to be let out. I wish I had.

I just hated to leave her alone. THey said they would give her morphine for the pain and to calm her.

I just hated to leave her alone. They said they would give her morphine for the pain and to calm her.

Colin and I were to pick her up at 5PM.  She was not to be fed but could have water if she wanted to.  They said she would not need any further pain medication and she could move about a bit.  We were to return at 8:30AM today to resume the IV.

The Carmeh that came back home with us was not our sweet girl..

The Carmeh that came back home with us was not our sweet girl.

Her eyes were glazed, she could not walk nor stand and she was incontinent.  We took her outside but Colin had to hold up her hind legs, she did not pee.  She appeared to be a zombie.

Even C

Caeli took  one sniff of Carmeh and took off.  She did have that hospital smell about her.

This was the calm before the storm.

This was the calm before the storm.

Carmeh needed to be held constantly.  Despite being drugged she was unsettled and any noise would make her cry out.  Eventually we noticed fluid coming out of her eyes and her nose and she continued to be incontinent.  We went thru all the towels we had.  About midnight she began having trouble breathing and her stomach was contracting and had constant spasms.  We had no idea what was happening but she could not catch her breath.  Colin kept stroking her and she finally settled a bit.  She calmed about 2AM for about two hours then got restless again.  It was a non sleep night, maybe a 10 minute doze here and there for us. It was the most frightening experience for us.

Long story short we met the vet this morning and expressed our displeasure.  We had no idea if she had been over hydrated or over medicated.  We were told that the over hydration was on purpose and that we should have been told about the reactions to the morphine.  All I can say is that I brought a happy dog into the vet yesterday morning and brought home a disaster.  We really thought that we were going to lose her last night.

She is better tonight and I will catch you up on today’s details in my next post. We are still happy with our bringing her home last night as I doubt that she would have got the attention we gave her, especially changing her wet towel every 30 minutes.  After all the IV fluid had to come out.

We do have a long road ahead of us over the next several weeks.

Thanks to the many of you who gave me ideas for travel insurance.  Obviously my research will have to wait till next week.


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24 Responses to “We now know what is wrong and it isn’t good”

  1. Don in Okla. says:

    Oh my!!! So sorry to hear of your sick pup. It sure is tough when they are ailing. Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.
    Don in Okla.

  2. George Yates says:

    Good luck with her healing process, hope things go better.

  3. Kelly says:

    So sorry to read this. Poor little Carmeh…. what a frightening night that was.

  4. Kelly says:

    What a frightening night. poor little Carmeh.

  5. Sharon says:

    How scary, Sure hope the worst is behind you both and Carmeh. She has to be confused with what is happening. Know that her being with Colin had to be reassuring for her. Hope the following days show much improvement. Sending love to all of you at this difficult time.

    • Contessa says:

      You are correct Sharon, she is so confused. Today when Colin took her to work for a few hours, he said that she hid in the back of the car as they approached the turnoff to the vets.

  6. Kathie says:

    Oh, poor Carmeh. I felt all of your emotions reading about her experience. Blessings to all of you, and hoping that she is much improved by now. Positive waves being sent your way.

  7. Colleen says:

    OMG……poor little Carmeh. I know how helpless you felt with her during that long night. Hope the news is much better down the road.

  8. Cat says:

    Contessa, I don’t know what your thoughts are on holistic care for animals, but if Carmeh has recently had a flea pill, you might want to read this article by Will Falconer, DVM from “The Vital Animal Pack.”

    I hope Carmeh is doing better today because I know how helpless it makes you feel when you know that your fur baby is suffering. 🙁

    • Contessa says:

      Just so you know she had not received any flea or heartworm meds, we only do that in Mexico because we have to. We do believe in the holistic approach both for the dogs and ourselves. Thank you for your constant support.

  9. Sandie says:

    I’m in tears for all of you. It is so scary when our babies are soo sick. But even though you had a terrible night I’m so glad you were there holding her for the night. That was the right decision. I wish I had never given Scooter a heartworm pill because I know that is what killed her. Prayers for you and your baby.

    • Contessa says:

      Oh Sandie, thank you for sharing your pain. I so appreciate your concern and support. I know that your Scooter is in a better place now. Hugs to you three.

  10. susie says:

    So sorry about Carmeh, hoping she has a full recovery! Take Care!

  11. Kelly says:

    sorry to read this. poor little Carmeh… a rough time for sure.

  12. Elaine says:

    I’m so sad to read this about your darling fur baby…..sending healing prayers your way…no one can take care of them the way their ‘mamma and daddy’ can…..

    • Contessa says:

      Elaine you make me so happy to know that you are still out there reading my blog. I know that you know what we have been going through. Hugs to you and yours.

  13. That’s terrible! We would have done the same, stayed up all night with her. I hope things get better for her. Hugs to you, I am sure you need it.

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