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Sep 30, 2016

A comparison of travel insurance costs

When  I went to get a quote from the insurance broker we have been using for years I discovered a change.  In order to save money we have only been getting insurance from the day we leave our home here in Kelowna until we arrive at our destination on the Isla and then do the […]


Sep 28, 2016

Even if I say so myself, wow!

Carmeh is doing as well as can be.  She seems happy enough but tires easily.  I think that can be attributed to her lack of food.  I spoke with our vet, Dr. Susan, Monday and she agreed that we could cautiously increase her amount of food per day.  Part of the concern is that we […]


Sep 27, 2016

New poll!

Who is the most important? A) Hilary B) Donald OR C) Carmeh Who makes you happy? Who makes you laugh? Who makes you want to enjoy life and go for a walk? Cast your vote…………


Sep 24, 2016

Carmeh is now home for good….

…or so we hope. Before continuing with the IV yesterday morning we wanted to discuss the situation with the vet. BTW we were only planning on getting the IV catheter removed and taking her home.  The vet ( for those in the know, this was Dr. Susan as opposed to Dr. Jessica, the daughter and […]


Sep 23, 2016

We now know what is wrong and it isn’t good

Colin was out on a job when I got a call early yesterday ( Thursday ) morning from the vet.  Bottom line Carmeh has pancreatitis and I needed to bring her in ASAP to start an IV on her to push fluids.  She would need to stay overnight and continue the IV treatment until the […]


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