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Aug 05, 2016

Indeed a very long day

I was in the airport security line for 40 minutes very early this morning.  There was only one line open and we lined up four rows thick.  It reminded me of lining up for rides at Disneyland where you snaked back and forth.  Finally it was my turn and because of my bionic hips I […]


Aug 04, 2016

Simple ramblings…

…I have no idea where the time goes but it certainly isn’t going into editing photos including the canoe post I want to do.  As we say in Mexico, manana. I  just read that today, 1 in 6 Canadians is aged 65 or over 😯   They say that by 2036 this will increase to almost […]


Aug 01, 2016

I’m not ready

Where did July go?  The summer is half over and I haven’t even got our last trip to Mexico organized ( last bit of notes, amounts of money spent where, number of miles traveled, etc. ) and now it’s time to start planning the next trip South.  Time seems to fly the older you get. […]


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