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Aug 31, 2016

Friends come to visit

They were only here for a few days so Colin took two days off so that we could enjoy our guests.  Just another thing we can do now if we want to, in the past Colin would have worked most of the days and taken one evening off.  I prepared a feast for our first […]


Aug 24, 2016

The Rail Trail

There is a plan in place to develop the trail one step at a time.  The first stage was to raise $500,000.00 which was done this summer and that money is to be used for design and access control.  I am happy to say that I did donate to that first level.     Yes […]


Aug 22, 2016

Fire, smoke & more fire

I really can’t remember the exact time but sometime around 11:45AM yesterday, I looked out the window and down the street.  At first I thought I saw some very light wisps of smoke in the distance but decided that my eyes just needed an adjustment from being at the computer.  About 10 – 15 minutes […]


Aug 21, 2016

Hot Air Balloon IN THE LAKE

That same hot air balloon I posted about yesterday just landed in Okanagan Lake 😯   Here is a link to the story and a video. Funny thing is that this morning I commented on how it was good that the balloon wasn’t flying today as it was very windy.


Aug 20, 2016

Hot Air Balloon

Just the other morning we both noticed a hot air balloon moving directly into the flight path of the Kelowna Airport.  Not a good idea at all.  We have often seen the Remax ( real estate ) balloon floating around but I had not noticed this particular one before.  There have been many harrowing descents […]


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