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Jun 19, 2016

The perfect day

Last Friday we had no rain.  It wasn’t too hot nor windy.  After a day of work we knocked it off about 4PM and enjoyed the perfect afternoon. It really was a perfect day. The very next day we had torrential rain and wind and it rained until about noon today.  I sure hope that […]


Jun 16, 2016

I was calmed by a puppy

This morning was a stressful time for me, at least in my mind.  It was the last big test in my quest for a diagnosis.  I even took 1 mg of Lorazepam to try and calm my nerves.  Last Friday I took 3mg to try and help with my claustrophobia in having to be in […]


Jun 14, 2016

This and that

Going down to 41F tonite.  I am already shivering with the winds coming off the lake. Sad news about the cherry crop.  We had a huge rain storm last night that may affect the cherry crop.  Fortunately it was followed by wind which helped stop the splitting of the cherries.  Details here.  I feel so […]


Jun 13, 2016

We got the first pick of the season

The weather around here is strange.  One day the A/C is on because we are breaking heat records and the next day we have the fireplace on. We went for a drive yesterday to find some cherries among our local orchards. But we lucked out and found one cherries for sale sign at the end […]


Jun 12, 2016

It was a long day

Colin and I were overwhelmed at the housing density.  In the last 13 years the city has exploded and it was busy way back then when we lived there.  The land were all those apartments you see used to be just be an industrial area and a lot of vacant space.  It was flat and […]


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