Jun 25, 2016

There is a bear walking around downtown

It is a small bear cub.

It is a small bear cub.


A very cute story here about how it came into town, swam across a lagoon to evade police and is now up a tree.  A few more photos are included in the short article.

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2 Responses to “There is a bear walking around downtown”

  1. I remember a few years ago one ran though the little village that my dad lives in. It actually ran beside the neighbour’s house and then into the bush at the back of the house. I was able to snap a quick picture but it wasn’t the best. Apparently it was young “teen”and was his first year out own his own trying to find “his own territory”. I hope that they will let this guy live and not have to shoot him for being a problem, which seems to happen too much these days. 🙁


  2. George Yates says:

    We actually have quite a few in this area and do spot them occassionaly, Nice that they got a pick and can hopefully get him in the right area where he will be safe.

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