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Apr 10, 2016

Fleece, flannelette nightie…..

….and heaters.  We are definitely heading North. However all this cold and rain happened in Needles, just across the river from Arizona 🙁  It should be in the high 80’s at this time of year. We awoke to heavy rain this morning. It truly was miserable, rainy and cold this morning and I was so […]


Apr 09, 2016

Changes in the weather

Thursday, April 7th We started the day with a nice long walk.  Part of the walk was spent making specific site notes for next time, the best, second best, tolerable and absolutely not.  Fortunately the girls thought we were doing this solely for them.  LHC State Park is a lovely place to be based while […]


Apr 08, 2016

A variety of events

Wednesday April 6th I woke up in the middle of the night smelling smoke and went back to sleep wondering who was having a campfire. The other was a fire near Topok, Arizona  that jumped the Colorado River into California.  The smoke was very bad.  My eyes were watering and my nose was going crazy.  […]


Apr 06, 2016

A change of pace

Instead of driving our usual many miles we only drove 166 miles yesterday.  We did start out shopping, in fact that went from 9:30AM till 1:00PM, much longer than planned but then there were sooooo many bargains to choose from  😀  In fact I was too worn our to check out the second store we […]


Apr 05, 2016

It is very HOT in Arizona

With 3% humidity we are at the broken nail and nosebleed part of our assimilation.  Even Carmeh keeps sneezing and rubbing her nose.  Fortunately it is so hot that we have been living in constant A/C which helps a bit.  Yesterday was spent in Yuma with a high of 91F, it was supposed to be […]


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