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Apr 19, 2016

Home but crazy busy

We got home about noonish last Saturday.  No problems whatsoever, at the border nor on the road.  But once we got home we just started working at unloading. Now I am on a roll getting our year end completed as well as the company taxes, our personal taxes and my Father’s final tax return. Lots […]


Apr 14, 2016

A tale of two cities

Today we drove to Marysville, Washington, a total of 322 miles.  It was not an easy drive due to the weather conditions. It was a lot to deal with in one day and we are tired.  I can’t imagine living in Seattle and dealing with that amount of traffic on a daily basis.  Finally got […]


Apr 13, 2016

A wee bit of excitement today

  It was cooler today but with a mix of sun and cloud.  I just used a heavier layer of fleece 😀   We got off the highway to fuel up at Love’s and they were closed.  Seemed like they were in restoration from a fire.  So we ambled 30 miles down the road to a […]


Apr 12, 2016

A good driving day

We only had rain showers once and it was exactly when we needed to clean the windshield of bugs.  Perfect.  Today we drove from Stockton, California on CA 99 and crossed over to I5 just before Sacramento.  The 305.8 mile drive brought us to yet another Walmart this time in Yreka, California, almost at the […]


Apr 11, 2016

332 miles….

…closer to home.  That is what we drove today. It was a very quiet night in the rest area and eventually the wind died down.  We did get an RV that came in rather late and parked beside us.  We were still in bed when they left before 7AM.  As it was a short ( […]


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