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Apr 29, 2016

I was injected over 70 times…..

…yesterday 😯   Not fun 🙁 But first an update on Caeli.  She is doing a bit  better but certainly not herself.  Such a sweet girl who has barely complained at all.  The vet even called this morning to see how she was doing.  Very nice touch. So the reason I was unable to stay […]


Apr 28, 2016

Our poor sweet Caeli

We had no idea that she had been suffering until last night when none of the C’s slept.  I was awoken about 11:50PM by a low moan repeated over and over again.  I finally woke up enough to realize that it was Caeli.  She just kept whimpering.  The girls sleep between us in our bed  […]


Apr 27, 2016

Que pasa

We are still getting bits of this and that done.  This seems to be the time of year that we actually have time to get things done……before Colin starts working full out.  He actually has a large job scheduled because of the sunny skies forecast for this weekend and a few others for next week. […]


Apr 25, 2016

Under Attack

The geese have been at us night and day.  Sometimes they land on the patio and we send Caeli out to chase them off into the lake.  We simply say “Caeli, birdies” and she is off even from a deep sleep.  Sometimes though they land on our flat add a room roof and stomp about, […]


Apr 24, 2016

USA to Canada to Home….

Friday, April 15th was our last day in the USA.  Just before the Canadian border we fueled up @ 2.159/gallon.  We have done well at all our fuel stops Northbound.  We are hoping to be able to plan a trip into Oregon/Washington state sometime this summer so we will be traveling on this tank for […]


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