Mar 08, 2016

I went out last night…. / 2nd post today

…while Colin stayed home to dog sit.  I really wanted to go to this play reading and Colin really wanted to stay a few extras days in Culiacan after the International Guitar Festival ended.  So we negotiated.  He wasn’t keen on attending the play reading but as I had already mentioned I knew that this was going to be extra special and wanted to attend.  So rather than leave Sunday afternoon as is his normal or even delay his departure to Monday noonish he waited until today, Tuesday.  However instead of returning mid afternoon Saturday he won’t be returning until after dinner Sunday.  We are both happy with the deal we made 😆  I should explain that it would have been too difficult on the girls if he left and then I left a few hours later. Well at least in my opinion.  I just didn’t want to upset them anymore than necessary.  Yup, I do spoil my girls 😉

What made this play reading so very special was that it was written by a Mexican playwright  ( Daniel Serrono ) from Guadalajara and that it was an award winning play.  However what caught my attention was that this was to be the premier production in English having only been performed in Spanish until this last weekend.

I had explained in my January 18th, 2016 post what a play reading was……

Screen shot 2016-03-08 at 3.10.36 PM

This particular production was a one act play titled ‘Rome al Final de la Via’ or ‘Rome at the End of the Track’.  There were only two cast members.


The guitar was used to change the mood during a particular segment and also to mark the passage of time between scenes. Evangelina ( center ) played by Eva Audelo  was also the director of the play and on the right is Estella Alanis playing the part of Amelia.  I had seen her last year in the dinner theatre production of  Murder in Mazatlan.  I have to say that Eva was outstanding in her performance.

The playing was captivating right from the start and I forgot to take photos until will into the play.  If it weren’t for the lady next to me loudly eating two bags of popcorn I would have been totally immersed in that Mexican village sitting by the railway tracks waiting for the train to come.  The bag rattling and crunching ruined some of the magic but reminded me to take photos.  Here is an excerpt from the El Recro program….

Screen shot 2016-03-08 at 3.30.48 PM


It was amazing how just by using their shawls in a different manner with each scene we could sense the passing of time.  These two can act.  At the end they received many bravos!


…another excerpt from the El Recreo site.

Each scene was a passage of time and included laughter, seriousness and wisdom.

Each scene was a passage of time and included laughter, seriousness and wisdom.  The play showed the passage of time from about 7 years of age to 80.

Sadly it was not a full house but I sincerely hope that this particular production will be repeated next season so that more can enjoy this work of art.  It was outstanding.  I heard audience members exclaim that it was the best they had see in any play reading.  My companion and I just had to get somewhere so we could sit over a glass of wine and talk about the performance.  I was still glowing when I got back home here on the Isla.



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  1. Nancy says:

    So glad you enjoyed it, Paul said he talked to you… I went on Sunday.

    Just FYI El Recreo is the location – partially run by Casa del Caracol bookstore and Mazatlán Film and Theater. MFT does most of the theater productions but in this case it was a Cuchitril Teatro production. If your readers want to know more about Mazatlan Film & Theater, their website is

    I’ll share your post on the MFT Facebook page, I am sure people will love to read it!

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