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Mar 31, 2016

Somehow things are getting worse…..

We did have a fabulous last day beach walk.  It seems that the girls knew it was that last time.  We so enjoyed their playing and running.  Back to the RV for the final run to the bodega storage area.  Final packing up and time to move the RV.  We like to turn it around […]


Mar 30, 2016

Things are not working out

We are in our final major pack up.  About 11AM today it came to my attention that the girls have fleas.  Of course they are on monthly flea meds but as happened 2 years ago ( also the end of March ) they have fleas.  I insisted that the vet see us ASAP and they […]


Mar 28, 2016

Semena Santa scenes from Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra

  Sadly tons of garbage was left behind.  Everyday many of the RVers went out early in the morning to clean the beach, day after day.  Sad to see such a mess.  One morning as I was toting 4 large bags of garbage back to our place a Mexican woman stopped me and said ” […]


Mar 27, 2016

Enjoying each moment to the fullest

In our last days here in paradise we are living each day to the fullest and creating memories.  Nothing in life is for certain so we are enjoying our days with the girls and each other.  We are all well and thank all of you who have sent personal emails checking in on us. For […]


Mar 20, 2016

The termites are back

This is the second time I write this…it was great the first time, not so much this time……dang WordPress error 👿  Last Wednesday Colin and I had gone up the beach to try out a new restaurant ( post coming ). As we approached the RV, I noticed some insects flying about.  It did not […]


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