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Feb 29, 2016

Quality time with good friends

We usually see Hannelore and Peter several times over the winter.  This year they weren’t even sure that they were going to get here but things just fell into place for them at the last minute.  Sadly it has not worked out for us to bump into them everywhere and share some spontaneous moments so […]


Feb 28, 2016

Que pasa

As I sit inside writing this it is 85.2F while outside in the shade I see we are at 82.5F.  Humidity is about 65% and we are still climbing in temperature to 30C/86F plus the humidity factor.  The gravel in the sun is too hot for the girls to walk on.  When we take them […]


Feb 27, 2016

My secret is out

Thanks to longtime reader Alan for sharing 😎


Feb 25, 2016

A trip to the vet & a wedding

Last Saturday was our bi monthly trip to the vet to get the girls anal glands looked after. While there we asked the vet about Carmeh’s hearing issues and asked if he would check her ears.  We think she has been responding to our voices a bit here and there and thought it was wise […]


Feb 24, 2016

First time we drive our car off the Isla since the hurricane last November

Now that our company was gone we really needed to get some fuel in the tank of our car.  We usually manage with just the one tank but we have had extra company this winter and many back and forth trips around the Isla and to and from the embarcadero.  With less than an 1/8 […]


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