Jan 30, 2016

An unusual day

For some reason I thought that Friday, our first day back in our site would be a normal day.  Well it certainly wasn’t.  Because of the bedroom slide glitch I had sent Erik, our wonderful RV tech guy the info about it Thursday evening.  No sooner had we come back from our Friday morning beach walk, made coffee ( well our kind of coffee ) and cut up the fruit, placed it outside onto our tables, than Erick drives in. We never had a bite nor a sip.  First thing he did was check the slide and source the cause of the problem and in no time had it repaired.  We then had a few other to do’s for him to deal with such as a broken cabinet latch and a broken front door latch and so on.

Erick certainly puts his all into the job.

Erik certainly puts his all into the job.

Just as we were about to resume our late breakfast, two couples approached asking questions about the park.  They were RVers from B.C. staying in Cerritos and were so happy to see what Tres Amigos had to offer as well as Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra.  They very well might be our neighbors next year.

We finally managed a meeting between us to discuss our time over the next several weeks.  We have many couples in Mazatlan that we wish to meet up with.  A mix of blog readers and a few other bloggers and some very good friends.  Sadly we have missed the time to meet with Nancy and Doug but they did have a great time in Mazatlan if you want to check their blog.  Somehow time seems to get away from us year after year so we wanted to make an effort this year to connect with all our friends hence the meeting between us to organize our free time.  You all know who you are, so send us an email and let us set some dates to get together.

Between Spanish lessons, computer updates and just trying to figure out my computer in general,  special friends arriving for a few days,  plus Carnival, the guitar festival in Culiacan early in March and Semana Santa the end of March, we are seriously running out of time.  Love our time here but there never ever seems to be enough of it.

Friday afternoon was a mix of setting things up in our yard yet again, some guitar for Colin and online time for me to source some needed RV supplies re some newly needed RV part replacements.  Anyone driving here in the next 4 weeks and having some space please let me know.

Finally I decided that it was time to walk down/up the beach for dinner as I needed a break.  We ate about 5:30PM which was pretty good for Isla times as things often shut up just before 5PM.  Fabulous coconut shrimp at El Velero and of course a perfect margarita, well maybe two for me.  Heck, we were celebrating the end of 9 full days of invasion into our private space.  The food was fabulous as was our table facing the ocean.

As we walked back back home we saw the most spectacular sunset.  Sadly we had no camera with us.  I was sure that I had asked Colin to pick it up as we left and bring it with us ( that is why we have no photos of our meal ) and he claims he never heard my request 😕   Of course the sunset was beyond amazing but we just took it in and tried to commit it to a wonderful Isla memory.

Once home, Colin took the camera back to the beach and got this shot for my post.

Once home, Colin took the camera back to the beach and got this shot for my post.  Not bad for after the main show, eh!

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7 Responses to “An unusual day”

  1. Amazing how the time flies by, we are looking forward to some quiet times soon.

    • contessa says:

      It seems that the first half of the winter passes at a normal rate but once you reach that mid point time passes all too quickly.

  2. At least you are at the end of the fixits. Finally you can enjoy walks on the beach and sunsets from your own pad.

  3. Cat says:

    I’ve been out of touch for a few days, but am so glad to see that you are about through with all the “work” and can get back to chilling with your beautiful lights and a cold glass of wine. I looked back several posts and am sure the girls will be glad too. In some of their pics, they looked like “inspectors” but in others they seemed rather bewildered. 😉

    • Contessa says:

      Always good to hear from you Cat. Hope you were out there having a good time. Just so you know that the wine is flowing and being enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

      You are very observant, the girls are much more settled and relaxed now that we are back where we belong.

  4. Susan says:

    I hope that we are one of the “You know who you are” people you referred to. We were so sorry to have missed you but hopefully one day that will be remedied. Love your new setup. Relax and enjoy!!

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