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Jan 30, 2016

An unusual day

For some reason I thought that Friday, our first day back in our site would be a normal day.  Well it certainly wasn’t.  Because of the bedroom slide glitch I had sent Erik, our wonderful RV tech guy the info about it Thursday evening.  No sooner had we come back from our Friday morning beach […]


Jan 29, 2016

Not convinced that project #4 is going to work

The thing is, there is barely any slope from where the top of the drain is in the middle of our gravel under the RV to the exit point.  So will it work?  We have no idea and can only hope that it will but we are skeptical.  We certainly hope that it will work.  […]


Jan 28, 2016

…and so it continues

So ended yet another day of chaos in the midst of paradise.  We love where we are and when all the renos are complete we will be so very very happy.  Almost there 😀  Almost ready for visitors 😛


Jan 27, 2016

Tuesday update

Poco a poco/little by little.  Things are moving along…..slowly 🙄   But they are moving and they are being done well. I am writing this as the end of day Wednesday and just so you know…..we are still in the back of our site, we still have not begun project #4, never mind end the palapa […]


Jan 26, 2016

Making progress in the renovations

So basically we had no place to sit inside the RV nor outside the RV, we were homeless.  We were able to sit under the palapa next door to us which is now to become the social gathering site for RV1 or a site for those in the back row to bring their chairs and […]


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