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Dec 16, 2015

A new HAPPY day….

I had no idea that today was going to be so much fun.  First off as usual was our beach walk once the girls ate their breakfast.  We only get to eat after they do and get a long walk.  Guess who rules the house?  Today was hair day in Mazatlan. I also saw a […]


Dec 15, 2015

I finally found my Christmas spirit

Seriously Christmas was almost a no show.  I was done and had no energy to push on.  Thank goodness for Franco Fetes on the Shaw satellite system.  FYI, I only do Christmas in French, that is how I was brought up.  I sang in the church choir and honestly Christmas is French for me.  Last […]


Dec 15, 2015

More rain than than the hurricane and yes El Nino is alive

Yet again we are re setting up for the third time in just under a month.  We had read of the approaching storm and in preparation once again packed up our carpet and put certain things inside and out of the rain.  The rain began to fall through the night Friday and by the time […]


Dec 10, 2015

What’s in the bucket?

…no need to worry.  I am taking a wee break….too much happening to stay in real time.  Not to worry, Debbie and Russ are here to keep me honest and with the program.  Just need some down time, besides I am reading a good book 😉 thanks to Rochelle.    


Dec 08, 2015

Sunday was a day of contrasts

I had gone out Friday night while Colin stayed home so Sunday was his day to go out and play. I decided to stay home with the girls and relax as I had invited everyone from RV1 over along with Rae for happy hour. As I mentioned last night Monday was a quiet day with […]


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