Dec 21, 2015

Living each day to it’s fullest

Somehow time just seems to be eaten up each day and you can’t seem to understand what you did that took up so much of it.  Perhaps it’s because one is more relaxed and if it takes an hour to get out to the beach for a walk so be it.  If it takes an hour to have a five minute chat with a neighbor so be it.  Life simply evolves from one event to another, minutes have no meaning.  The weather has been wonderful, the humidity had ( past tense ) diminished and it cooled down at night, perfect for sleeping with no fans nor A/C.  I got my hair cut last Wednesday and it remained straight until yesterday when the humidity returned.  Back to very warm and sticky.

There have been a lot of loud weddings, as in band noise, around here the past few weekends and Saturday night there were three, a first in the seven years we have been here.  Tis Mexico, simply shut the windows and turn on the A/C.  Apparently one party next to RV2 went until 8AM 👿  I don’t think that there was a happy camper to be found over there.  Meanwhile we had a wedding next door on the left and another down the beach on the right, didn’t bother us at all.

Love watching all the activity on the beach, more and more nationals arriving.  They say that the hotels are 100% full for the holidays.  Great for the economy.  I enjoy people watching.  Different vendors on the beach, more hustle and bustle.  I’ve read a few books in the last week and somehow just never got to posting.  Blogging every day takes a huge amount of time and although I always have lots of photos and things to write about daily, I do not have the luxury of time even though I am supposed to have lots of it 😳   So I am just going to go with the flow and possibly my style of posting may change a bit.  Life is to be lived to the fullest each and every day and I intend to do what I feel like doing rather than feeling I have to not read my book nor enjoy another beach walk but to post instead.  I also miss relying to emails in depth as well as keeping up with all the other bloggers I read.  However I might just post twice in one day. You never know, cuz I certainly don’t know 😉

So first on my agenda is to catch you up on some of the things we’ve enjoyed and not posted about.

Almost 2 weeks ago we headed down the beach to the monthly spaghetti dinner at Carmelita's

Almost 2 weeks ago we headed down the beach  along with Rochelle and Michael to the monthly spaghetti dinner at Carmelita’s.

All the RVers were there plus many who live on the Isla.

All the RVers were there plus many who live on the Isla.  Drinks were 2 for 1, tasty tasty margaritas.

It was great to hear Bonnie pick up a guitar and sing a few tunes.

It was great to hear Bonnie pick up a guitar and sing a few tunes.

She beckoned me up to join her for a number but I didn't know the song.

She beckoned me up to join her for a number but I didn’t know the song.

So instead I danced with Russ while Debbie enjoyed the music.

So instead I danced with Russ while Debbie enjoyed the music.

And just because I choose to, so ends this post.  Colin and the girls are waiting for me, it’s beach walk time.







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8 Responses to “Living each day to it’s fullest”

  1. Nice to see you are just living life 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. A most excellent attitude Contessa. For myself, I find myself waking up each day with nothing to do, but still only getting half of it done. What is important will get done. Beach walks with dogs is up there on the important list.

    See you tomorrow.

  3. That’s the only way to enjoy life.

  4. Peter says:

    It is better to live life and blog when you have time, everybody will understand…

  5. Connie in PA says:

    That’s the spirit, Contessa! Have fun!!

  6. Croft says:

    Yes, those parties! We had one beside us on the beach in Veracruz once that was a class reunion of a bunch of doctors! It went on all night with a band, Karaoke, and a very loud stereo system in a trailer. Finally at about 7 or 8 AM all the doctors fell asleep but they left the music playing full blast until noon. A couple came over and apologized before they left after lunch but it was kind of rude, even for Mexico,

  7. Don & Kathy says:

    Go for it and enjoy life. We will read what you write…when you write. Life is too short to be on a short leash.

  8. Every night we have heard loud music in the distance and I keep thinking of all the fun those Mexicans are having. They have lots of weddings in and around Christmas because it is generally a time when they can get all their friends and relatives together.

    Enjoy doing what you want not what others expect of you, it’s your life not theirs.


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