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Dec 31, 2015

The last post of 2015

What a year it has been what with my Father passing and Carmeh becoming paralysed.  Fortunately she recovered and here we are once again enjoying our life here in paradise.  Even better we are surrounded by many friends.  Carmeh did well on our final beach walk of the year but Colin did a mix of […]


Dec 30, 2015

Perhaps the final ‘Que Pasa’ of 2015

It has been a busy last few days.  Tic toc, the clock keeps pushing on towards the end of 2015 and yet there is still so much to do and enjoy. One the families I had watched all afternoon, enjoying the beach, moved closer to our wall after sunset.  It was obvious that were staying […]


Dec 28, 2015

3rd Annual International Blogger Conference

December 26th was the date chosen for the 2015 blogger get together here on the Isla.  At the first convention we had six bloggers and the details can be found here  The second Isla blogger conference was last Dec 24th and that information is here.  This year we had five bloggers as we did the […]


Dec 26, 2015

A good time was had by all….

…..over and over and over.  Looking back at the last two days it seems that all we did was eat. Hard to believe that we could possibly eat another bite but soon it was time for Christmas dinner.  Six went into Mazatlan to Twisted Mamas for the traditional turkey dinner while the rest of us […]


Dec 25, 2015

Merry Christmas


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