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Nov 26, 2015

Waiting for the storm

Yesterday was the big day with all the physical work of tearing down and storing our things.  We worked hard and fast as the forecast was for thundershowers last evening and today.  Those did not materialize.  In fact the hurricane forecast kept changing all day, who knew it was going to become a Category 4 […]


Nov 25, 2015

We are preparing for Hurricane Sandra

Sadly the title to this post is not a joke but a reality.  Feel free to Goggle Hurricane Sandra.  She is a pain in the butt…..well actually she is one of five  hurricanes that has formed in this area after November 18th in many years.  The computer model speculations keep changing, worry, don’t worry and […]


Nov 24, 2015

Busy Monday….

…but few photos.  It was a go go day and somehow the camera stayed in the RV.  I recall that on the morning walk Colin said ‘take a photo of that’ and of course we didn’t have the camera. Yesterday was extra special as we began our weekly Monday massages, 90 minutes for me ( […]


Nov 23, 2015

Losing track of time

The days are beginning to blur and we are losing track of time.  One day is blurring into the next and so many things seem to happen.  No plans but the day just simply becomes busy.  For instance today, Monday, so much spontaneously happened but I did not have my camera handy.  However that is […]


Nov 22, 2015

It was a grand day

That is El Faro, the famous lighthouse in the background.  Sadly we now only see a light at the very top at night.  We used to be able to see the entire path lit by lights.  I just read the other day that the lights were recently replaced and within a few weeks they have […]


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