Oct 17, 2015

Not my cup of tea….

The following comes from a home my husband recently photographed.

The family room, nt

The family room, note the piece of art at the top of the fireplace.

Yup, that is a cougar.

Yup, that is a cougar.

It is an actual real cougar.  Needless to say, been through the total taxidermy thing.

Needless to say, not my cup of tea.  But these folks have a beautiful home and they love nature.  I love my nature in a different way 🙁


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4 Responses to “Not my cup of tea….”

  1. Kay says:

    Well, the home is beautiful, Colin is a great with the camera. The animal should be left in nature and not taken and prepared for a wall in a home. I don’t understand the “need” to do wild animal killings. Most likely never will.

  2. I guess everyone has their own idea of art and decorating.

  3. I like my animals live not dead, I agree.

  4. Yuk – how gross…looks like the shelf was constructed especially for dead/stuffed poor thing….wonder if it leaves when house is sold???

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