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Sep 25, 2015

This is really cute….

Once again we are in crisis management with a few personal issues happening as well.  Colin’s job for tomorrow has changed for the 6th time.  No worries, all the others still have to be done but not tomorrow…..but when 😯   Sunday’s helicopter aerial photography is pending as clouds may be there early AM.  Really […]


Sep 23, 2015

Life on the Isla is perfect, here not so much

I am not complaining, just reporting.  After all, us working here allows us our winter in Mexico.  The weather and finicky clients keeps changing the schedule.  Yesterday I changed the jobs for Saturday 4 times and Sunday 5 times.  At the moment Colin is driving to Vancouver at 3AM on Sunday to do a ton […]


Sep 21, 2015

The wind blew away the clouds….

…and that brought the sun back.  But what a storm it was last evening.  The winds gusted up to 69km/h at its peak.  I was frightened enough to call Colin on his job site. I also saw that one of our heron statues had fallen over as well as a patio chair.  Because of the […]


Sep 20, 2015

A lot of this and some of that

Remember a few post back when I was concerned about El Nino and how it would affect our coming winter?  A reader who is actually coming to the Isla for a bit sent me this.  He did a ton of research and I for one am happy that he did.  Gracias, Michael. I also saw […]


Sep 18, 2015

Things are happening….

…and not just that the leaves are turning color and starting to drop on the ground. Today was the day to turn the water off to my plant pots.  Time to let them dry out for the clean up.  I also received a surprise today and won a badge. I really don’t understand all things […]


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