Sep 25, 2015

This is really cute….

Once again we are in crisis management with a few personal issues happening as well.  Colin’s job for tomorrow has changed for the 6th time.  No worries, all the others still have to be done but not tomorrow…..but when 😯   Sunday’s helicopter aerial photography is pending as clouds may be there early AM.  Really hard to plan as Colin leaves here at 3AM to drive to Vancouver to do the photo shoot and only gets back late Sunday PM.

today we had 40% chance of chowers and it rained pretty much most of the day.

Today we had 40% chance of showers and it rained pretty much most of the day.

That means that the exteriors of the home he photographed will have to be done next sunny day as long as he isn’t already working which he is 😐   People who are here in the winter complain about the low clouds.  Actually l really enjoyed watching them today.

But that is not the ‘cute thing’.  A few months ago we saw the cutest pet commercial on TV and what caught our attention were the two weiner dogs going round and round.  I don’t have time to make it an embedded video so please just click here to see it.  It is only the first 5 seconds that you have to watch.  However the rest of the video ( total 30 seconds ) is also cute but not as cute as the doxies….well in my opinion.  Funny thing is, this is the brand of dog food we feed the girls.

Mom...we need some action!

Mom…we need some action!

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6 Responses to “This is really cute….”

  1. Colleen says:

    Ah, so cute of the girls. Such expressive faces.

  2. lucy says:

    I believe I have said it before… I LOVE YOUR HOUSE SETTING BY THE LAKE !!!!

    The girls look sooo cute standing on the couch.

    My regards, Lucy.

  3. Connie in PA- back home! says:

    Love your home by the lake and C & C are adorable, too!!!

  4. Every dog has it own personality and your Doxies are so cute.

  5. Sandie says:

    I saw that commercial a couple of weeks ago and just cracked up. Not sure our girls could do that without freaking out. Love that pic of your babies. They are so cute.

  6. Fingers and toes crossed he gets some clear sunny weather. I imagine this is one of the hardest years between smoke and weird weather for him to shoot.

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