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Sep 30, 2015

Home sweet home…

I am back safe and sound and feeling fine.  However I am exhausted and my body is tired.  I kept my adjustment from the day before and this morning I only received 4 small fine tuning adjustments. Apparently Caeli got up at 6AM this morning and wandered around the house crying as she searched for […]


Sep 29, 2015

A whirlwind day

Thank you Colin for getting me to the airport for 6:25AM.  There was a line up at security and then I forgot that all my liquids had to be in clear plastic bags.  That was easy as they had a bunch of bags right there.  Next was my body search, because my titanium hips set […]


Sep 29, 2015

I’m leaving on a jet plane……

Actually I do know when I’ll be back and it is very very soon. I’m flying out at 7:25AM today and headed to Edmonton.  This time is for me and me alone.  Last June both of us saw a wonder chiropractor while in Edmonton ( he was recommended by my Mazatlan RMT who has seen […]


Sep 28, 2015

We saw the eclipse of the supermoon

A supermoon occurs when a full moon or new moon makes its closest approach to the Earth.  In reality the moon is only about 14% larger and brighter than normal.  What made yesterday’s show so spectacular was that a total eclipse of the moon was happening at the same time.  The eclipse turns the moon […]


Sep 27, 2015

The latest….

Colin did leave this morning for Vancouver but only at 5AM.  Yes, of course it was clouded in when he arrived so he sat at the terminal and reviewed the areas he needed to photograph.  Meanwhile the clouds  began to move and to burn off.  So he and the helicopter pilot started off in one […]


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