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Aug 21, 2015

I feel like I ran a marathon

First off, thanks for all the comments re the last post about gas pump prices.  Especially you new commenters.  Loved all of your thoughts.  I actually read on a friend’s Facebook page today ( no I do not do Facebook unless it is public, don’t do friend requests ) that where he lives in Ontario […]


Aug 19, 2015

We are being gouged at the pumps

Gas pumps that is!  While fuel prices are down mostly everywhere we have been going up and up the last few days.  We were holding steady at 124.9 for a few weeks and then it was 136.9 and finally down to 135.9 today.  Big deal! Why are we paying more than almost every area of […]


Aug 18, 2015

Up to my ears

Actually in over my head.  Have been getting conflicting info ( as in not correct information and advice ) from law clerks, assistants and the lawyer who wrote Dad’s will.  Something came to light today that is not what Dad had meant to have in his will.  It was not explained at the time he […]


Aug 16, 2015

I am thankful

Three kayaks and a canoe out for an early morning paddle on our very calm lake.  Interesting that they were all wearing life jackets.  For a moment I was sad.  I have never been in our canoe ( we only got it a year ago ).  Colin and the girls did go out last summer […]


Aug 15, 2015

Hope for Carmeh

We took Carmeh for her first regular walk without the stroller this morning. It took a long time as she was slow but she did the entire route. Colin and I aren’t certain if she will be able to do the beach. Sharon, one of my readers, just happened to send me the following 1.30 […]


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