Aug 08, 2015

I am a bad Mom

Thank goodness Carmeh gets email.  This was in my inbox this morning.

Hello ,thinking of our darling girl Carmeh as
it is her special day and wishing a very

with lots of hugs and kissies to you ,

from Gran Katie & Gran Louie

Keep well and we are so sorry that you have
to suffer so much with your back owies ,
will always love you , little one !

Yesterday, August 7th, Carmeh officially turned 12 and I forgot.  This is not the first time I have forgotten.  Thank goodness for Gramma Katie.  I never forget Caeli’s birthday which falls on April 1st, usually just as we are leaving Mexico but I seem to have a block when it comes to Carmeh.  Fortunately we have extra toys which are hidden and we will pull one out plus some extra treats for her.  Then I will proceed to give her extra lovies.

I promise to let her make all the messes she wants.

I promise to let her make all the messes she wants.

Carmeh loved our parrot Cheikka and

Carmeh loved our parrot Cheikka and was happy to sit in the birdcage for hours on end.  We think she thought she was Cheikka’s Mom and was totally responsible for her.  They made a good team.

Happy Birthday Carmeh.  So happy to see you doing better.  I’m off to cuddle my girl.


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14 Responses to “I am a bad Mom”

  1. Sharon says:

    Another year and you’ll have a teenager!! Best wishes for a healthier birthday year, Carmeh!!!

  2. Rae says:

    No, you’re not.

    I had to make myself a calendar reminder for my fur babies’ birthdays and adoption days and even then, I’d forget them. But they’re not like children who care about a special day when they get love every single day.

    I love the picture of her in the cage!

  3. chris says:

    The cage is way too cool! What a wonderful fur kid! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday Carmeh!

  5. Happy Birthday to her! I see she loves to chew the stuffing out of things too lol 🙂

  6. Sandie says:

    Happy Birthday Carmeh. We love to destroy those new toys and get those squeakers out of there too. You’re a year younger than me and a year older than Skittlez. Mom usually forgets our birthdays also but since they give such good treats all the time, we forgive them.

    Love Scooter.

  7. Shelagh says:

    Love the picture oh her with the parrot. So cute. We will always remember when our Martini died as it was the day before our grandson’s birthday, so we chose not to share that info as it would hurt him and we wanted him to enjoy his day. Even though he turned 15 he is still a big softie.

    Funny story the day they met, Martini was just about six weeks old and sleeping like a sphinx cat on the sofa, eyes closed. We showed Bailey the cat, first kittie he had ever seen and he made a sound. Martini opened his eyes, then Bailey screamed his head off, the cat got up and hissed at him and ran off.

    All 23 lbs of Martini was very nervous around our grandson for the next 12 years!!!

    • Contessa says:

      A cute story, I guess Bailey was really shocked when the cat opened his eyes and poor Martini at 6 weeks must have been terrified.

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