Aug 07, 2015

Saving $ and election NEED TO KNOW news

Today was a bonus day for me.  I noticed a month ago that our outside door handle, a lever type, was losing it’s protective coating.  I asked our builder’s worker ( the guy who thought I was a new lady ) about it.  He said that they would have to take it to Home Depot and see what they thought about it.  Right, so I am going to send my door handles away and leave my door open to whomever walks past and wants to come inside 😯

The handle in question.

The handle in question.

So today I called Weiser  customer service here in Canada asking for advice.  Easy peasey.  Once I identified what unit we had, she told me that it was covered under a lifetime warranty.  I only had to email them a photo of the lever handle and a replacement would be sent out within 15 days.  No proof of purchase required.  Amazing.  I can’t believe it was so easy and so very professional.  So glad we chose Weiser products when built our home in 2012.

While doing my errands this afternoon I made a quick stop at the liquor store.  Usually this is Colin’s job but he is on a 17 hour photo shoot today due to the lovely blue sky and sunshine that we are once again enjoying.  Happy it wasn’t me going out the door at 5:00AM 😐   So back to the liquor store and my next great surprise of the day.  Our wine ( Painted Turtle, Pinot Grigio ) is on sale @ $1.50 off per 1 litre bottle.  The sale lasts the entire month.  I guess this is a good time to stock up.

Earlier today I received an email from an old friend.  Dave & Suzanne and the two of us, along with a few other friends, actually took some (many years of ) ballroom dancing classes together way back when and had the privilege of enjoying two Caribbean cruises along with our instructor, where we all did a lot of dancing.  Can you believe that rather than get off the ship in Mazatlan I stayed on board to get a foot massage?  I still remember every detail of that cruise, it was so much fun.  Colin & I perfected a wicked jive.  At least I am now able to explore Mazatlan to my heart’s content every winter, not to mention that after two hip replacements, I can finally start dancing once again.

Dave sent me the following…..


Be sure that you are on the voter’s list. Rumour has it that 1000s of names have been removed… (have you moved, changed status since last election?)

If Elections Canada can’t promote voting…then it’s up to us to use social media to! Please pass this on!
You can easily check that you are registered to vote by going to:

Fellow Canadian bloggers, please pass this on to your readers.  Between us, we can reach many thousands of Canadian voters.

That’s it for today folks.  Hasta manana.


A more direct link to check if you are registered as sent by Croft.




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10 Responses to “Saving $ and election NEED TO KNOW news”

  1. Saving money is good. An buying quality products pay off in the long run too. Good deal.

  2. Contessa says:

    Life is good as the saying goes.

  3. Croft says:

    Good to know about Weiser. We will be investing in a new door soon as the sea air takes it’s toll on everything metal.

    • Contessa says:

      Great idea. Wish I could redo our entire RV in all things Weiser. I have updated this post with your suggested link re checking one’s voting status.

  4. Kelly says:

    That is good customer service. This week I experienced it twice.
    1) 13 month old Keene hiking shoes: rubber tread coming apart on the bottom. Sent them a picture of the shoe and a picture of the Amazon receipt. (luckily had it saved in my email folder) They promptly sent a $140 credit code to be spent on the Keene website. (free taxes &free shipping over and above that )

    2) Camping World: on the way north this spring we stopped at a Camping World to have them try & diagnose our fridge problem. On their $97.00 bill was a list of what they did. one being: Checked all venting. Clearly they did not, as we paid a local repair man here $60… to clear a blocked (insulation) flue. I sent Camping World copies of everything & a letter asking for a refund. They promptly send a ck. for the full price of the bill. (U.S. dollars 🙂 ) I was actually surprised but pleased that they acknowledged the inconsistency.

    oh wow, sorry this is such a long comment !

    • Contessa says:

      Both very great examples of customer service. I have to say I an surprised at Camping World, that is amazing. Good for you for following through.

  5. I love dealing with companies that have excellent customer service policies! Why on earth can’t Elections Canada promote voting?!? How stupid.

    • Contessa says:

      I agree that Elections Canada is stupid which is why you now have to be sure to check if you are registered.

    • Croft says:

      Harper has discovered the same thing as his idols, the American Republican Party and that is that his vote mostly comes from Old, White Men. Therefore he has to stop young people, women and those of an ethnic background from voting. A high turnout will certainly be bad for the Conservatives so he is doing everything he can to prevent or discourage people from voting. Just like the American Republicans.

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