Jul 26, 2015

Que pasa

The fire is 75% controlled but still smouldering at 560 hectares.  We have had 2 days of cooler temps, thank goodness, and a day of rain which helped a lot.  Today they still have 4 helicopters, 5 pieces of heavy machinery and 96 firefighters on the ground.  We have a 60% chance of showers today but so far we haven’t had a drop although other areas around us have.

Soon we won't be seeing these fly past.  Well at least for a while, temps are hiking back up mid week.

Soon we won’t be seeing these fly past. Well at least for a while, temps are hiking back up mid week.

Residents were allowed to return to the 70 evacuated homes the other day.  Can you imagine the mess one would find?  A fridge and a freezer full of rotted food.  For the first day and night they had no power.  Power was finally given to them on a rotational basis via generators.  The hydro company only restored power yesterday to these 70 homes, as well as 1400 other residences that have been without power since last Monday.  They were not evacuated but because of the location of the fire power was cut off for the safety of the fire crews.  I couldn’t imagine living without power for 5 days plus in the heat we had last week.

Once it cooled down Caeli headed outside for her naps.  I took this thru the screen.

Once it cooled down Caeli headed outside for her naps. I took this thru the screen.  She loves to sleep on her back.

Carmeh continues to improve.  We are letting her walk a bit further each day.  She was trotting for a few moments today.  Her back left leg still lags and we suspect that it always will.  When she gets tired she just stops walking and raises her paw asking to be put back in her stroller.

Before we started letting her walk for 5 minutes twice a day

Before we started letting her walk for 5 minutes twice a day ( per our vet ) she would get antsy and sit on her bottom with her paws resting on the stroller edge.  Of course we made her sit right down again before moving on.  Since we have let her walk a wee bit, she is no longer restless in the stroller.

Her favorite resting place is still our bed.

Her favorite resting place is still on our bed.

Colin’s been working hard everyday this week at Predator Ridge, a huge resort community here in the Okanagan.  This week he was following along with the Toronto film crew taking new shots for marketing. Colin has a lot more work there later this summer.  He also does a new annual signature shot for them at this time of year.  It is then used on billboards, magazines and all major marketing.  Remember a few weeks ago when Colin was up the hill and the bears came.  That was the first part of this year’s banner shot.  He then took photos of a family up there and then put it all together.  In total it took 9 hours of photography and 6 hours of photoshop.

The client loves it.

The client loves the final image.

He's pretty good at selfies also.

He’s pretty good at selfies also.  A reflection thru the golf cart rear view mirror.


The rain suddenly appeared with a

The rain has suddenly appeared with much commotion.

Bouncing off the pavement.

Raindrops bouncing off the pavement or you might say dancing on the road.

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8 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Peter says:

    A wonderful story. Colin’s work is great. Funny how small that water bucket looks under the helicopter, you wonder how that could help to fight a fire. The pups look great.

    Rain! Finally, but the next heatwave is near…

    • Contessa says:

      We have had those helicopters take water right here in front of us ( not for this fire though ) and they go back and forth. I know some carry a lot more gallons than others.

      We are enjoying our last cool day.

  2. Kelly says:

    Great job Colin… (like the selfie too ! )
    I’m happy to read Carmeh continues to improve and able to enjoy life.

  3. Nice that things are settling down finally, and Colin continues to do great work as usual!

  4. Good news all around – Carmeh certainly looks happier. It can’t be much fun not being able to go wherever you want to as a dog. So glad the fire is more contained. We got two days of rain/cooler weather too – and are extremely grateful for it. Still so many fires burning though.

    • Contessa says:

      I read a while ago that BC was down to 170 fires. I guess that is good news but still too many fires. Not really looking forward to the next heat wave.

      Carmeh is doing better, after she jumped off the bed this morning ( GRRR ) she was going in circle chasing her tail like a puppy. Soon it will be time for more tests to figure out her other problem.

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