Jul 22, 2015

Having a party !!!!

Today we are celebrating Colin’s 65th birthday 😛   Just the two of us.  He worked till noon and we are taking the rest of the day to play and relax.  Photos tomorrow.

Sadly the fire I mentioned in my last post has grown to 430 hectares and is 0% contained. They have manged to keep it within certain parameters with 11 aircraft dropping fire retardant as well as water on the homes not to mention the dozens and dozens of firefighters on the ground.  Overnight they keep the fire from attacking the 70 homes that are still under evacuation.  The wind at night shifts and the fire moves down towards the homes while during the day it moves up the mountain.

Just now the wind has shifted and we are getting smoke directly into our home. More intense smoke by the minute.  In addition fire has moved West and it is now located directly at the head of our head of bed windows.  Just switched on the A/C as our eyes are burning.

We are

We are in that lower right quadrant full of red flags.


Meanwhile we party.  The champagne and appies are gone…what next?  Check in tomorrow 😆

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10 Responses to “Having a party !!!!”

  1. chris says:

    Happy Birthday Colin! I hope it’s good one. Sounds like you’re off to a good start and what a better way to celebrate than with Contessa. Have fun.

  2. Nancy & Doug says:

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Colin. We hope it is an amazing day!!

  3. Shelagh says:

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day. Hope the smokes eases up. Be careful.
    Cheers to you both
    Shelagh and Peter

  4. Happy Birthday Colin! I just saw the news – Kelowna is just a bunch of fires – crapola. Where my Mom used to live in Falkland another fire. We don’t have much burning on the island today but the forecasted rain didn’t materialize so things are still tinder dry. Fingers and toes crossed for rain tomorrow.

  5. Impossible to think that Mr. Perpetual-Spring-in-his-Step is 65! Well, Happy HAPPY Birthday to Colin. Hope you and the girls made his day special even if you had to dart and dash thru fire to do so!

  6. Happy Birthday Colin I just know you had an awesome day !

  7. Hope you had a birthday celebration together to remember. ..is the bus “get away ready”?, the amount of fire’s all over your state is worrying. .hope it rains heaps soon…lesalp.blogspot.com.au

  8. Croft says:

    Happy Birthday Colin!

  9. Sandie says:

    Happy Birthday Colin. So many fires out here in the West. My sister in Helena, MT has asthma and is really having trouble breathing. I personally think celebrating the birthday with just the two (or should I say four) of you is the way to do it.

  10. Janet Ashworth says:

    Happy Birthday Colin!!!!

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