Jun 26, 2015

Bear alert, OMG !

Wasn’t going to do a post tonight….really really tired.  I always have lots to post about and I have a good one coming up, but not always the energy.  Anyway just got a call ( 7:58 PM ) from Colin who is working on a signature shot for the prestigious golf course of the area.  He has waited over 6 weeks for the perfect weather to do this shot.  He had to take a Polaris up a mountain to a certain cross trail.

Similar to the vehicle provided for him.

Similar to the vehicle provided for him.

Then he had to climb a path straight up for 15 minutes carrying over 40 pounds of camera equipment.  Colin is fit and does this often but today he said his muscles were burning.  He did this at 1:00PM and is still up there until the sun goes behind the hill.  Likely the final shot will be a merge of 15 or more images to create that perfect PR shot.  I don’t expect him back till 11PM or later.

What I did not expect was the phone call that he just heard some very loud and strange noises behind him.  It was two very large black bears coming up behind him as he ate a sandwich.  He has been up on the mountain for hours and just clicking a shot every 30 minutes or so.  The bears were a surprise.  Thank goodness he had gone to the RV ( in storage ) and picked up our bear spray and our air horn.  Both of these were purchased with the intention of using them in defense as we traveled south to Mexico.  Or if we needed help while in an RV park,  just hit the air horn, often used at hockey games and someone would come running.

So Colin hit the air horn a few times.  The bears stood up tall and looked around and finally lumbered off.  Colin is still up there for a least 2 hours more before he hikes back down to his Polaris.  Then he has quite the drive in the dark to his car…..hope he gets off the mountain tonite 😯  He said he was going to keep making noise every few minutes to scare the critters away.

I suggested to him that he call me every 30 minutes.  Meanwhile I sit here listening to my Jukebox Oldies like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight ” and “Wake up sleepy Jean”  and “El Paso” and “Love me Tender” and “Dedicated to the One you Love”.  Did I mention that I am also enjoying a premium bottle of vino blanco 😉

Poor Colin…little does he know that he is off at 8:00AM tomorrow driving south to Oliver.  A photo shoot with a major winery in the area.  They travel via helicopter and he by car to meet them and take those perfect shots.  He loves what he does.  Me not so much.  But I do have to be realistic, his being away day after day, all day long is what allows us to be away in Mexico for 5 months plus each year.  The jobs are starting to pour in and we are overwhelmed with work.  Life is good.

Well as long as the bears don’t get him….. 🙄

Hot, hot, hot here today and for the next few days.  Breaking decades old records. 90F at 8:30 PM.  I have had the A/C on since 7:30AM 🙁   The view and all the windows are great except during a heat wave.  Forecast is for temps up to 40C/104F for the next few days.  This too shall pass.

Just spoke with Colin @ 8:40PM and he is still clanging things together to make noise.  He figures another 30 minutes before he can head down off the mountain.  He does love what he does.

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10 Responses to “Bear alert, OMG !”

  1. Hope he good some good shots of the bears! Noise is definitely the best deterrent with bears, glad he also has the bear spray with him, just in case.


    • Contessa says:

      No photos, his camera was set up on a tripod for a specific view with various exposures. He just had time to move and hide behind a big rock before he blew the air horn.

  2. As long as he enjoys doing what he does, sound like a good time for sure.
    Good thing he has the bear deterrents.

    • Contessa says:

      He loves doing what he does, it’s something new each day in a different location. I don’t think he will ever retire.

  3. Jannose says:

    We actually had a bear sighting in one of the Edmonton parks today. Very unusual. They were advising people to stay away from the area. Also in the low 30s and looks like it could stay that way for awhile. Sure could use some rain. Take care.

    • Contessa says:

      That is very dangerous and most unusual. I know you need rain but we need blue sky and sunshine for all the jobs lining up, although I could do without highs of 39C.

  4. Sandy says:

    This is a cliffhanger, Contessa, and now for the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say.

    • Contessa says:

      Oh sorry!!! He did get down the mountain alright and home safe and sound where he promptly had a large glass of wine.

  5. chris says:

    So that machine is called a Polaris? These are everywhere in our neck of the woods. They are the new daddy toy. That and Harley Davidson and sports bikes. Yikes. Too much noise for me.

    • Contessa says:

      Polaris is who builds a type of these machines and therefor they are called a Polaris. Some are smaller two seaters. Yup lots of noise for sure but is sure helped Colin get his gear up the mountain.

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