Jun 25, 2015

Unexpected visitors….

…but more than welcome.  Last Sunday afternoon while Colin was out working I heard a roar out on the street.  Sounded like a bike and it was a bike, specifically a Harley.  Duncan, a fellow RVer from Tres Amigos RV Park on Stone Island was passing by and wanted to drop in to say hello.  He and his wife Maureen have been living up in Northern Alberta doing some work this summer.  They plan on volunteering for 3 months in Hawaii this fall before coming back to Mazatlan in January, obviously not in their RV.

Adios Duncan, have a good summer.

Adios Duncan, have a good summer.  Love your new ride.

I got a call yesterday from a friend from my grade 12 graduation class. She and 14 members of her family were having a mini vacation in Peachland and would be passing by this morning.  She wanted to stop for a quick visit as they head back home to Edmonton.  Please drop in I said.  I even arranged for parking for 3 vehicles but only the one car stopped in.  They would meet the rest of the family down the road in Kamloops.  What travelers we have all become!  Life is grand.

I have seen Gisele a few times over the last 3 – 4 years usually at an impromptu class reunion meal often put together because I was in Edmonton visiting my parents and of late my father.  I actually saw her a few weeks ago when we were in Edmonton.  So it was very special for me to have someone come visit me here in Kelowna.  Not only did Gisele and I attend school together from grade 7 – 12 we also took our nursing training together and graduated from that in 1973.  Gisele still does nursing but more on a part time basis.

Carmeh, myself, Gisele and her grandson Laurier.

Carmeh, myself, Gisele and her grandson Laurier.

They all loved our yard and our home.  Everyone can picture themselves living here.  I mean, really, who couldn’t?  Anyway we had a short but very fun visit.  It was neat for me that everyone was speaking French.  I never asked but I assume that at this point young Laurier only speaks French.   He loved the girls but sadly they were not into playing with him at all.  It took a bit to stop them from barking, they are just not used to kids.

A quick snapshot before they left.  Gisele's husband Paul is holding Laurier and that is Jean hiding in behind.  I know he is the brother of Pierre who I think is the wife of one of Gisele's daughters??

A quick snapshot before they left. Gisele’s husband Paul is holding Laurier and that is Jean hiding in behind. I know he is the brother of Pierre who I think is the wife of one of Gisele’s daughters??

Someone will set me straight 😳    Needless to say, a very large French Canadian family whom I have not kept up to date with.  By the way Jean, I think you left your hat behind 😥   Merci pour la visit.  It was short but special.  Hope to see you here again one day.  Sorry that Colin was unable to be here but business always comes first.

Carmeh is holding her own today.  I think that the meds have kicked in and she is out of pain once again.  The trick is how long to keep giving her the pain meds for.  Oh how I wish she could speak.

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  1. Rae says:

    Duncan’s looking good!

    Glad Carmeh is hanging in there.

  2. Always nice to have company drop by anytime for a short visit.

  3. Dolores tanner says:

    Love that dress you have on, so summery!!

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