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Apr 29, 2015

Life and a very special Isla sunset

We seem to be moving at warp speed.  Now that the taxes are done we are tending to the annual spring to do’s.  Driving here and there and pulling out the credit card here and there. Getting things for the RV and our home that need replacing. Updating this and that & odds and ends.  […]


Apr 27, 2015

Medical procedures & ouch

About six years ago, I started getting treatments for my varicose veins.  Fortunately our Canadian Medical system pays the majority of the fee.  The treatment is three times per leg per year and my cost is $60.00 per treatment per leg which I also get to write off on income tax.  Due to family circumstances, […]


Apr 26, 2015

4:40AM wake up call

A persistent honk, honk, honk, over and over.  I finally opened my eyes, 4:40AM 👿   Up I got and went to look at the lake. Finally he flew off and I eventually fell asleep. Shortly after 6:00AM is started all over again.  This time we both were awakened and Colin got up.  We just […]


Apr 25, 2015


Just finished our personal taxes, my Dad’s taxes and completed the paperwork on our year end.  Phew, I have dents in my fingers.  I do it all the old fashioned way with a pen and paper.  We even managed a telephone conference with our accountant today.  Yes a Saturday, he is working day and night […]


Apr 24, 2015

Even more que pasa & a baby Romina update

If like me you are craving another Isla sunset, check it out here.  Thanks Rae.  


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