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Feb 16, 2015

It is Carnivale in Mazatlan

The only activity we had planned to participate in this year were the fireworks.  There was a possibility of a meal at the Plazuela Machado but not this year.  Due do the rain the Friday night festivities on Olas Altas were hampered.  I feel so badly for all those vendors whose products got wet.  I’m […]


Feb 14, 2015

48 hours later….

As you can image, things have been surreal.  Somehow I managed to get through the past two days and have had the most urgent things addressed.  I keep wanting to call Dad and tell him about all the phone calls I am making and what is transpiring and then I remember.  The urgent to do’s as […]


Feb 12, 2015

Some sad news…..

We had a great walk on the beach this morning and the sun was shining.  The phone was ringing as we got back.  It was my sister who asked if I was sitting down.  Dad had passed away at 9:25 AM this morning.  He died doing what he loved, joking with the nurses.  It was […]


Feb 11, 2015

Pneumonia, yet again

Dad has been in an acute area in Emergency at the Grey Nun’s for twenty four hours.  It now seems that he has pneumonia, for the fourth time in six months. He is very very confused and is in isolation but we have no idea why.  They only said that they were waiting for test […]


Feb 10, 2015

It didn’t even last two weeks!

I actually have been trying to write this blog post for at least two weeks but as you have heard from me, very often of late, I was busy.  This is how things went.  With ten minutes to spare with the 9:00PM deadline looming the only subject to the sale of Dad’s condo was removed on […]


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