Feb 01, 2015

Clouds & rain = good cooking

The last sunset of January, considering the heavy cloud cover it was respectable. Big freighter coming into port.

Came back inside to find Carmeh sitting on my computer chair. She is not supposed to jump but it was my fault for not pushing the chair under the desk. I have no idea why she wanted to be up there.

I did make pizza last night and it was perfect. First I made the crust then added pizza sauce and topped that with a mix of chopped swiss chard and kale fresh from my garden. That was topped with broccoli, soy pepperoni, mushrooms and pineapple and of course wonderful Chihuahua cheese. We even have leftovers.

It rained off and on through the night and petered out by 10AM.  We spent the morning relaxing and reading.  Colin did take Carmeh for her walk and I decide to take the day off by not walking at all.  Just felt like it.  It was cool this morning and so I got the thought to make some soup.  By the time the veggie guy came and I started chopping the veggies, the sun was out and it was getting warm.  While the soup was simmering I got to sit out in the sun and read.  Another good day.  It was cool if you were not in the direct sun and the wind was strong so…..

...Colin had to be creative. If you look closely you will see he is sitting with his back to the wind off the ocean and his sheet music is being held in place with clothes pegs. That is Carmeh behind him on the chaise.

A story about my lentil soup. I didn't have any lentils! I was rushing the last few days before we left Kelowna and somehow I ended up with 4 bags of split peas and no brown lentils. So I made the soup with the green split peas and it was very good but I suspect it will thicken overnight. I'm certain I can get lentils at the mercardo in Centro but when will I ever get there. We don't leave the Isla much, no real need to.

The last two days have been more relaxing for me.  I really needed to pull back.  Monday morning is massage day  😀

Thanks to blog reader Sandy for sharing more info on the benefits of avocados.


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2 Responses to “Clouds & rain = good cooking”

  1. Rae says:

    Carmeh is imitating mom, obviously!

    Minus the ‘shrooms, your pizza sounds wonderful (yay for pineapple!)! I miss kale. Got used to eating it during my Texan winter, but it’s hard to find in SK and I haven’t looked for it here.

    Lentils at the mercado are super, super cheap. I’m from the part of SK that supplies the vast majority of the world’s lentils and I don’t get them that cheap there! I’ve had about five meals out of 9 peso bag, with at least as much left.

    BTW, soon as this weather clears up, we are waaaay overdue for margaritas. 🙂

  2. Love the avocado and try to eat a few of them a week as well.

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