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Jan 08, 2015

A walk in the park with a tad of danger

Yesterday ( Wednesday ) morning due to high tide we did our first walk of the day in the botanical gardens just behind the RV Park.  The park has been under development for a few years now and this was our first walk this season.  A lot has been accomplished since we were last here […]


Jan 06, 2015

Que Pasa

The first que pasa of the year.  We have really just being laying low and doing the minimal.  We did have to clean inside the RV the other day, the dust was pretty thick. It is a cool 79F as I write this at 3:30PM.  Nothing to complain about.  So glad I am not in […]


Jan 04, 2015

They are gone and things are rather quiet around here.

We spent most of yesterday relaxing, me reading and Colin playing his guitar.  Unfortunately we had computer issues.  The server does not like my iMac and kept shutting me out.  We did finally get that resolved with some input by Rae.  Had lots of drop in visitors Saturday afternoon so the day passed quickly.  I […]


Jan 02, 2015

A wonderful start to 2015

We watched but did not participate nor did we indulge in the vodka and orange juice served to warm everyone up following the swim.  Instead we did our normal morning beach walk.  We are still doing the half carry and half walk thing with Carmeh.  A reader who is a vet suggested that we try […]


Jan 01, 2015

So ends 2014!!

December 31st started with our morning beach walk and the hours seemed to fly past.  Always something to see on the beach and there were so many people on the beach today.  The hotels are at 100% capacity plus there were two large cruise ships in port. Of course there are always friends dropping by […]


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